Distracted Driving: Man Caught Using Laptop, Headphones, And Mobile Phone Behind The Wheel [Video]

Distracted driving is widely considered one of the worst things that a motorist can do to other motorists, as evidenced in a growing number of traffic accidents and fatalities.

Actions like texting while driving requires one’s eyes to be off the road for four to five seconds (at minimum), and that short amount of time can change, and even end, lives.

There have been various statistics showing the dangers.

Texting and Driving Safety noted that in 2011 “at least 23 percent of auto collisions involved cell phones,” resulting in 1.3 million crashes.

Text messaging alone makes crashing 23 times more likely than if you didn’t, the group claims.

Perhaps most concerning? Many people who know that it’s dangerous do it anyway, and they’re teaching their behavior to teenagers, who don’t exactly have the best track record for avoiding accidents and insurance claims.

The following video is a sobering reminder that adults are setting a bad example, and that they’re far from learning their lesson.

The individual in the Land Rover isn’t just engaging in distracted driving. He’s using a mobile phone and a laptop while wearing headphones. At night. An angry cyclist caught the whole thing.

Have a look for yourself.

YouTube was livid with comments from people who foresaw the worst.

“When that person kills someone because they are on multiple eletronic [sic] devices… Maybe, just maybe they may regret not putting full focus on the road.”

“I read this on the news and I laughed, there is nothing shocking here, this is happening all the time on our roads and nobody is taking it seriously. While most people and the police are wasting their time and resources trying to catch cyclists jumping red lights, nobody is looking inside people’s car[s] where 4 of every 10 drivers are totally distracted by their phones. These are the real killers!!”

“I like that, you can almost pinpoint the exact moment his a**hole clenches when he knows he’s been caught… just imagine if this muppet driver killed one of your family members because he wasn’t paying attention to the road.”

Distracted driving clearly isn’t getting any better. Do you think drivers like the one in the video above should be arrested?