ISIS Threatens To Invade Rome: Italians Tweet Back Travel Tips And Other Advice

ISIS goes to Rome

ISIS — also known as the Islamic State and ISIL — has gone to great lengths to be as violent, dark, evil, and nasty as possible in an effort to be as terrifying as possible, and in this regard, ISIS has been quite successful as an Islamic terrorist group.

Whether chopping off the heads of innocent children, raping and murdering countless men and women, or their most recent choice of psychopathic killing, setting people on fire, there’s no question that ISIS is frightening or that they don’t enjoy their sinister reputation.

So when ISIS released a recent video showing 21 Christians being decapitated in Libya, along with a menacing threat saying “Today we are south of Rome. We will conquer Rome with Allah’s permission,” they probably figured they’d have the Italians shaking in their Bruno Maglis, right?

Not so much, reports the Washington Post.

Of course ISIS threats, killings, acts of terrorism, and all the accompanying horrors are no laughing matter. But the humor Italians are throwing back at ISIS’s threats have been refreshing to many.

The spirit and humor of the Italians continues to shine via Twitter following a tweet by Rita Katz, director of SITE Intelligence Group, pointing out that ISIS supporters have started using .

In response to ISIS and ISIS’s supporters’ , many Italians decided to respond with some tweets of their own, many regarding potential travel pitfalls and challenges the ISIS folks might experience on their way to Italy, not to mention the issues ISIS jihadists might face once in Rome.

But while the Italians bombard ISIS with hilarious tweets, some experts believe ISIS may be using “Rome” to refer to the U.S., Turkey, or just the West in general.

But again, Italy does have major concerns, according to the Washington Post, with thousands of refugees pouring over their borders on a regular basis, what would stop ISIS from invading Italy and/or Rome?

But while ISIS and Islamic terrorists do pose a constant and glaring threat to Italians, Europe, the West, and pretty much every other living being on planet earth, the unique human trait of humor displayed by the Italian people in the face of ISIS threatening invasion has a power of its own.

And should ISIS follow through, perhaps a few ISIS jihadis will take an Italian pie to the face.

[Images via Twitter]