GOP Governor Mitch Daniels Offers SOTU Response, Says Obama Is “Pro-Poverty” [Video]

After President Obama spent most of his hour long State of the Union Address talking about fixing the economy for the future GOP Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels chimed in with the GOP response to President Obama’s message, calling the President “pro-poverty” and claiming that his State of the Union Message was too upbeat while saying:

“When President Obama claims that the state of our union is anything but grave, he must know in his heart that this is not true.”

At the heart of Mitch Daniels response he says the President has done everything in his power to hurt the economy and stifle job creation:

“The extremism that stifles the development of homegrown energy, or cancels a perfectly safe pipeline that would employ tens of thousands, or jacks up consumer utility bills for no improvement in either human health or world temperature, is a pro-poverty policy. It must be replaced by a passionate pro-growth approach that breaks all ties and calls all close ones in favor of private sector jobs that restore opportunity for all and generate the public revenues to pay our bills.”

Daniels then goes on to explain how the GOP would fix all of the nation’s problems through taxation policies and less control over regulations:

“That means a dramatically simpler tax system of fewer loopholes and lower rates. A pause in the mindless piling on of expensive new regulations that devour dollars that otherwise could be used to hire somebody. It means maximizing on the new domestic energy technologies that are the best break our economy has gotten in years.”

Daniels then comments on the state of partisan support in the United States, claiming that President Obama has acted to divide Republicans and Democrats:

“No feature of the Obama presidency has been sadder than its constant efforts to divide us, to curry favor with some Americans by castigating others.”

Pulling a message from the President Obama’s own playbook after trillions of dollars was wasted under the Bush administration Mitch Daniels added:

“In three short years, an unprecedented explosion of spending, with borrowed money, has added trillions to an already unaffordable national debt. And yet, the president has put us on a course to make it radically worse in the years ahead.”

Here’s the full State of the Union Address response from GOP Governor Mitch Daniels:

Do you agree with President Obama’s State of the Union Address or do you think Mitch Daniels hit the nail squarely on the head?