Jill Dillard Discusses Her Home Birth Preparations, Sister Jana Duggar To Attend With Midwife Team

The Duggar family is growing, and Jill Dillard is in the final stretch of her pregnancy. Like her sister-in-law Anna Duggar, Jill plans to birth her baby in the comfort of her own home. Jill discussed how the couple is preparing for the home birth and who will be attending the birth.

According to People, the Dillards are making final preparations for their upcoming home birth at their Arkansas home. Jill has noted numerous times in her pregnancy that she was considering a home birth. However, in an interview with People, Jill has confirmed that she will be having her baby boy at her home, with midwives present. Derick, Jill’s husband, says that they already have a bassinet and crib set up, and are working on getting the birthing pool in order.

“We’re getting the birthing pool, things like that. We have a bassinet and a crib.”

A home birth comes as no surprise for Jill, as she is training to become a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). Jill started her training back in 2012 and notes that she has personally attended over 60 births. Jill is working through a “distance-learning” midwife training program in Texas. The program requires three-and-a-half years of study, along with the hands-on experience she has already received. Many have questioned whether Jill was continuing her education with the new baby on the way, but it appears she has not put her plans on hold. In an interview with Us Weekly back in November, Michelle discussed how Jill spent her free time while Derick was at work, studying. She says that Jill wasn’t used to studying in the quiet so she would frequently pop over to the Duggar home to get back in her studying groove.

“Sometimes she’ll pop by our place since it’s awfully quiet at her house. She’s so used to studying with noise.”

With Jill continuing to plug away at her studies through her pregnancy, it appears she has no intentions of giving up her career as her family grows. Another Duggar girl, Jana, is also interested in the business of bringing babies into the world. Jana Duggar has been working as a doula for some time, and also has some hands-on midwife training, though it does not appear she is attending school with Jill for certification. Therefore, it only makes sense that Jill has added Jana to her home birth team.

Jill notes that Jana will be present at the birth and there for support through the birth process. Jill’s other siblings, along with mother Michelle, have made themselves available to run errands during the birth if needed.

What do you think of Jill Dillard’s plan for a home birth? Are you excited to see another Duggar baby make their way into the world?