YouTube For Kids: Children Are Getting A Dedicated Video App

YouTube has seen nearly a 200 percent increase in family entertainment over the last year. Parents are using YouTube via phones and tablets as a way to calm kids down, mostly while in public settings. On Monday, February 23, the Google-owned streamer site will be unleashing a new app for Android users. Kids will have their own YouTube application.

YouTube does not allow pornography (or most clips containing nudity) on the site. However, there is still a slew of videos that contain violent, crude, and salacious content on the website. Parents did not want their children to stumble across said videos while searching for Sesame Street. So, they asked YouTube for a kid friendly version.

Ask, and you shall receive.

Wall Street Journal reports that the application will be easy for children to use.

“The app, called YouTube Kids, is expected to be free and will be separate from the mainstream YouTube mobile app. It will feature kid-friendly design, with big, bulbous icons and minimal scrolling, the person said.”

Your kids can look forward to watching shows from Sesame Street, Reading Rainbow, Thomas the Tank Engine, and more! The new YouTube app will work similar to Netflix Kids.


Along with restricting the shows children can watch, the app will also include other features. Once such feature is a timer that, when set by the parents, regulates how much time is spent watching videos. When the time runs out, a password must be entered to continue watching (or kids will just go back to using the old YouTube App.)

According to CNN Money, YouTube Kids does not allow children to comment on videos or upload media of their own.

“YouTube Kids is for watching only, so there is no ability to upload content, or share or comment on videos. Even the search function has been cleaned up. If a kid punches in a search term such as ‘sex’ the app will reply, ‘Try searching for something else.'”

Children will still be able to access some of their favorite channels that are not involved with brand names. Some game walkthroughs, toy unboxings, and craft channels will be available under the Learning and Explore sections.

Since the app is marketed toward kids, Google will have to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which limits the tracking of anyone under the age of 13.

As of right now, it is unclear if YouTube will display ads to help generate revenue for content partners.

Once again, YouTube Kids App will be available on Monday, February 23, for Android users. Unfortunately, Apple users will not be able to access the app right away.

Will you be taking advantage of the kid-friendly YouTube app?

[Photo By Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]