‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Spoilers: Finale Brings Big Reveals, Intriguing Guest Star

The Season 1 finale of How to Get Away With Murder airs on Thursday, February 26 and fans are anxious to see just how things play out. Viewers were treated to quite the guest star stint with Cicely Tyson showing up as Annalise’s mother in this last episode and now news is out regarding a big guest star for the finale. What HTGAWM spoilers are available for the final night of the season?

TVLine teases that Tom Everett Scott from Southland and Beauty and the Beast will show up in the first hour as a client. How to Get Away With Murder spoilers indicate that he will play a priest who faces allegations that he killed another priest. Annalise Keating takes on his case.

Of course Annalise is going to be pretty busy with some other projects, namely keeping herself and her students from heading to jail over Sam’s murder. Her boyfriend Nate might have been framed for the crime, but how long will that hold up?

HTGAWM spoilers reveal that the first hour of the two-episode finale is titled “The Night Lila Died.” There will be a number of flashbacks that put together the events that transpired the night Lila was killed. In addition, Oliver and Connor’s relationship moves forward and the distrust between Rebecca and Wes builds.

The second hour of Thursday’s Season 1 finale is titled “It’s All My Fault.” It is teased that Laurel, Michaela, Connor, and Wes may find themselves in too much trouble for Annalise to pull them out of at this point. It has been said all season that before things wrapped this spring, Lila’s murderer would be revealed, and that is indeed coming in this last hour.

A sneak peek from ABC also shows a bit about what will happen with Nate in this finale. His bail is denied, and Annalise grumbles that she wishes he had pursued the lawyer she had told him to contact. Nate is taken past Annalise and naturally he does not look happy. Will he really end up taking the blame for Sam’s murder?

A How to Get Away With Murder spoiler preview teases that this will be the most insane two-hour finale on television. That’s setting the bar awfully high, but HTGAWM fans are used to big shockers, twists and turns with this show. Can this finale live up to the hype?

The promo tantalizes fans by saying that the answer to the big question of who killed Lila is a stunning reveal, but that there is something even bigger coming. Whatever it is comes in the final minute of the Season 1 finale and it sounds as if fans will be left hanging and buzzing about this one until Season 2 comes in the fall. Tune in to the two-episode How to Get Away With Murder finale airing on Thursday, February 26 to see just how it all plays out.

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