Slenderman Interrogation Video: 12 Year-Old Suspect Says ‘It Was Sort Of Sad’

Interrogation video of the 12- and 13 year-old female suspects in what is being referred to as the Slenderman Stabbing case has been obtained by a news outlet in Wisconsin, and the contents are chilling. According to WISN-TV, the interrogation video covers over 9 hours of intense questioning of the suspects.

Last May, the two girls decided to kill their classmate, Peyton Leutner, by stabbing her to appease the fictional Slenderman character. According to authorities, the two girls told Leutner they were going to go birdwatching in a secluded, wooded park in the town of Waukesha about 20 miles west of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Once there, the two suspects reportedly stabbed Leutner over 19 times, and then left the girl for dead.

In the interrogation video, one of the girls describes how they convinced Leutner to go to the park.

“People who trust you become very gullible. It was sort of sad.”

In the video, one of the suspects reportedly wiped away tears as she described how she and her friend hoped to please Slenderman by killing Leutner. Leutner ended up not dying from the 19 stab wounds, but actually managed to crawl out of the woods despite her massive blood loss, and was spotted by a passing biker.

“So we told her we were going to get help, but we really weren’t. We were going to run and let her pass away. So, we ran.”

In the 6-hour interrogation of the other girl, she is sometimes shown alone in the room, singing to herself. When speaking to an investigator, the girl says that she and the other girl planned the attack ahead of time.

“We knew it was going to be at my birthday sleepover. You have no idea how difficult it was not to tell anyone. Truth be told, I wanted to be locked up so I couldn’t hurt her. But, that time has passed and now I’m in here because we were so careless. I knew this would happen. I knew we’d get in trouble.”

As the interrogations continued, both girls described the Slenderman, an online phenomenon created by Eric Knudsen. The girls had previously stated that they wanted to kill Leutner so that they could become “proxies” or “acolytes” of Slenderman. They presumed that Slenderman was a real thing, they stated.

“He has tendrils that are very sharp. I see him in my dreams.”

Police arrested the 12- and 13 year-old girls walking along a highway about 5 hours after Leutner was discovered. The two girls told authorities they were headed to Nicolet National Forest in Northern Wisconsin. They said they were going to join Slenderman in his mansion.

For now, the names of the two suspects are being withheld as their attorneys are still attempting to get their cases moved to juvenile court. Both girls are currently being charged in adult court with party to attempted first-degree intentional homicide. Both of them face up to 65 years in state prison if they are convicted. If they are moved to children’s court, a conviction would see them landed in a secure facility until the age of 25.

Leutner, the victim of the Slenderman stabbing, recovered physically from her wounds and returned to school. She just turned 13 last week.

[Image via IGN]