Justin Bieber Asks Elderly Woman: ‘Have You Ever Robbed A Liquor Store?’ In ‘Repeat After Me’ Clip

Justin Bieber doesn’t only play pranks on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He will shortly be seen getting wildly over-familiar and inappropriate with an old lady in an upcoming edition of Repeat After Me, ABC’s new hidden camera show which is executive produced by Ellen and hosted by Wendi McLendon-Covey.

The episode in which Justin appears airs on Tuesday, February 24, at 8:30 p.m. EST/PST, and a preview was shown during the singer’s appearance on Friday’s edition of Ellen.

Nutshelled, the premise of Repeat After Me involves celebrities being instructed to do off-the-wall things by Covey via an hidden ear-piece, while filmed on a hidden camera. The unsuspecting member of the public is only told about the ruse at the end.

During Friday’s preview, Ellen bantered with Justin about his prank segment, and the 20-year-old singer said he had to do “weird things” with an elderly woman named Tish. That sounds worse than it is, because the clips shown were legitimately hilarious.

It all takes place in a bowling alley. The set-up is Tish is teaching the Biebs how to bowl.

At one point, Covey tells the Biebs to drop the ball instead of bowling properly. After which, in a clear play on the Canadian’s past legal run-ins, he was told to ask her, “Have you ever robbed a liquor store, Tish?”

After wrapping his arms around Tish — which, it has to be said, she seemed to enjoy — Justin did as he was instructed just after she bowled.

The singer’s question prompted an outraged reaction from the senior, who retorted, “No, why would I want to do that?” as she turned and walked sort of menacingly towards the entertainer.

Not surprisingly, Justin backed away with both his arms outstretched. Comedy gold.

In another clip from Repeat After Me, Justin gets told to do squats then tell the woman she has a “nice tush, Tish” and even twerk.

There was more laughs on Friday’s show. Ellen played a corker of a prank on the crooner, after first reeling him in by asking him about his upcoming Comedy Central Roast.

“You have to be nervous. You have to be scared. I mean, right?” she mused to the Biebs, which was the cue to a lookalike guy dressed in a fake chest with fake tattoos and wearing Calvin Klein underwear to jump out of a large box nearby.

“Oh my God!” Justin yelled four times, before falling back in shock in his chair.

While Ellen and the studio audience hooted in hysterics, the shaken singer repeated, “I’m the prankster,” adding, “Oh my gosh, I’m still shaking.”

Ellen then explained to Justin that she pranked him because she turned down the chance to be one of the comedians at his roast, and this was her one shot at him.

For the record, we suspect DeGeneres is doing the roast and will be a big surprise at the March 30-airing reckoning.

Check out the extremely funny scare prank in the video below.

In addition to the above, Justin and Ellen also made good on their promise to a University of Massachusetts student — who was also a superfan.

Last week on Ellen, the hitmaker prank called Jacqueline Malenson and pretended to put her on the spot about classes she hadn’t, in fact, missed. After Ellen explained the jig, the girl was invited to the show to meet her idol.

What followed on Friday’s edition were squeals of joy from Jacqueline, a gracious Bieber, and a sweet statement from the fan as to why she “loved Justin so much” when asked by Ellen.

Jacqueline replied, “He honestly has the biggest heart. He cares so much of his fans. He’s always doing things for his fans, loves his family, his music is so inspirational!”

“I just love him so much!” she said, before Ellen suggested Justin and Jacqueline pose for a poster to add to the many in her bedroom, which was shown on the program.

It may surprise some, but the bond between Justin and his fans still appears to be strong despite his turbulent year-plus. Online chatter from 2013 until now reveals Beliebers don’t believe the singer spat on fans from a Toronto hotel balcony in 2013, during a stop on his Believe tour.

That claim was denied at the time, and since, by the singer’s management, who maintain TMZ (and subsequently other outlets) used a picture of fans from Bieber’s Instagram with a separate photo of him playing a “loogey game” with pals, unrelated to the fans who later showed up at the hotel.

Notably, there are no available photos which show Justin spitting on fans in an unedited frame. They are always separate.

Justin Bieber’s fans — many of whom the Inquisitr has contacted for previous reports — consider the singer to be attentive and generous to fans with his time and frequently-given gifts.

For examples of this view the clip linked below.

[Images via The Ellen DeGeneres Show]