What’s Don Lemon’s Latest ‘Bulls**t’ News Gaffe? [Video]

Even though Don Lemon was chosen as Columbia Journalism Review’s worst reporter of 2014, it’d be hard to say he’s on the track to pick up the distinction again this year.

After all, Brian Williams might not even a be a reporter anymore due to unraveling fabrications of several on-the-ground reporting experiences. If a recent Mother Jones piece accusing Bill O’Reilly of making similar embellishments about his reporting in Argentina and El Salvador rings true, Don might not even be able to catch runner-up when the “worst reporter” title goes to someone else next year.

Still, that doesn’t mean Lemon hasn’t had a controversial 2015 so far. In fact, Don’s latest on-air mistake came while he was discussing Bill’s response to the Mother Jones article that appeared about him Thursday evening. When reading that O’Reilly said that the “hit piece” was “total bulls**t,” Lemon neglected to censor himself on air.

Although Don immediately noted his mistake and fumbled to apologize right afterward, the moment is now forever preserved for those who revel at the failings of the CNN anchor. Lemon seemed to anticipate that reaction with his quick defense.

“Pardon me, I did not mean for that to come out… Apologies for using that word, it’ll never happen again. It was just a slip of the tongue.”

Don has already taken a lot of jabs this year on two other occasions. Lemon tweeted a photo mislabeling his smallpox vaccine scar as a measles vaccine scar, the latter of which does not leave a mark when administered. Don was also heavily chided for the “Blizzardmobile” that he drove around the streets of New York. Some felt that the vehicle was an example of sensationalism, including Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

Still, with Brian William’s fate at NBC looking less and less certain as more allegations mount, it’s possible Lemon will be able to get out his his “bulls**t” slip relatively unscathed. On the other hand, Bill O’Reilly is likely to continue to address the accusations that he has questionable war stories of his own. However, from his early responses, it appears Bill is going to deny that he made the statements altogether, reported Mediaite.

“I was not on the Falkland Islands and I never said I was. I was in Buenos Aires… In Buenos Aires we were in a combat situation after the Argentines surrendered.”

Where do you think Don Lemon’s error stands in the ranks of 2015’s journalism thus far?

[Image via Michael Kovac/Getty Images]