Abortion Was ‘Best Decision Of My Life,’ Woman Declares In New Controversial Video

Abortion may be a tough decision for most women, but not for Renee Bracey Sherman.

In a new video from Fusion — posted at YouTube or you can just click Play on the embed below — Sherman boldly declares that not only did she not regret getting the procedure at 19 years of age, but it was one of the “best decisions of my life.”

Fusion’s video runs just over two minutes long and does what Huffington Post calls a good job in portraying Sherman as a human being, who is more than just one decision.

Alanna Vagianos, contributor for the left-leaning website, was particularly taken in by how the video reveals “so much about Sherman’s personality, family and upbringing, showing that she’s so much more than her choice to have an abortion” and that Sherman “is a full human being with likes, dislikes, funny stories and a family that loves her.”

“Sherman’s choice to have an abortion was just one of many decisions she’s made in her lifetime,” Vagianos adds.

Some of HuffPo‘s own contributors disagreed, including Rebecca Glenn of Lisbon, Ohio, who in responding to a comment to “get over it” had this to say.

“It was her choice, [but] I will never get over anyone thinking it is okay to kill a baby. I am thankful your mom never felt that way about you. I don’t know you but I am sure your life is very valuable and precious to God. You have a great day.”

Particularly galling for many in the anti-abortion crowd was this statement from Sherman herself.

“I haven’t once regretted it. It allowed me to change paths. It was one of the best decisions of my life. And I’m happy.”

Today, Renee Bracey Sherman works as a “reproductive justice and storytelling activist.” She describes herself “first and foremost” as a “cat lady,” being completely devoted to her pets and notes that her parents “raised me to see myself as an equal to my two brothers.”

The video is part of the #nofilter series from Fusion. #nofilter is “a short digital memoir series showcasing a diverse range of experiences with an honest and unique point of view. Each story is made up entirely of a participant’s own words and photographs,” according to the group’s YouTube page.

Check the video here for yourself and see if you think it is controversial.

So what do you think? Is Renee Bracey Sherman being too flippant about her abortion, or are you happy for her that she did not allow the choice to define her? Sound off in our comments section.