‘General Hospital’ Recap: Jake’s Identity As Jason Morgan Is Revealed To Someone At Last

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital was a big one, especially for fans of Jason Morgan and Billy Miller. Was the truth regarding “Jake’s” identity finally revealed? Was Patrick’s attempt to remove the chip successful? There were some great twists and turns in the February 19 episode, and fans won’t want to miss any scoop.

As She Knows Soaps notes, Michael continues to push forward in his custody suit over Avery, even without the support of some of those close to him. He tells Sabrina that while it is partly about revenge against Sonny, it’s mostly about the fact that he wants to protect Avery from experiencing what he, Kristina, and Morgan have gone through.

Duke gives Sonny a baby gift and tries to turn back over control of the organization. However, Sonny says that until the custody suit is resolved, Duke needs to keep running things.

Anna catches up with Sloane and tells him that she has his old job and she isn’t facing any charges. She’s going after him and he warns her to be careful as he grabs her arm. Duke shows up and tells Sloane to let go of her. Sloane leaves and Anna tells Duke about her new position, which obviously generates some conflict for them.

Olivia and Ned are at the hospital for her appointment, and they run into Julian and Alexis. Ned is upset to learn that Julian isn’t facing charges and Alexis ends up breaking things off with Ned. The two fight over Julian, and then Olivia is told that her appointment needs to be rescheduled because there’s a c-section that takes priority.

Naturally, Julian is curious and asks if she’s pregnant. First she says no, but as Julian and Ned fight, she reveals she is, indeed, expecting — to make the bickering stop. Julian comments on how he’s going to be a father once again, but as Celeb Dirty Laundry notes, Ned then steps in to say it’s his baby to try to protect Olivia.

Sam and Carly wait for news regarding Jake’s surgery and they discuss Helena’s control over Jake as well as Michael’s battle with Sonny. Carly talks about missing her bestie Jason, noting that he would have known what to do about Michael. She also worries about what Michael has become and how it’s hurting the family.

As General Hospital spoilers have teased, Jake has a memory flash of Helena telling him his real identity and he tries to tell Elizabeth. Unfortunately, he goes under before he can tell her. The operation is more difficult than anticipated, and Jake begins to hemorrhage. Back at Wyndemere, Helena tells Nikolas that Jake is really Jason Morgan. At long last, someone besides Helena knows Jake’s real identity.

Nikolas says he’s going to tell Sam the truth about Jake’s identity, but of course Helena says he can’t. She threatens to reveal his part in the election rigging if he says anything, and she pushes Nikolas to consider the ramifications of how the ELQ takeover would go if Jake realizes he is Jason.

Helena adds that Nikolas shouldn’t feel guilty about keeping Jake from Sam and their son, as he doesn’t know who he is and thus doesn’t miss them. Just as Nikolas is lamenting over how he is supposed to lie to those who loved Jason, and lie to Liz, Elizabeth walks in.

Sonny goes to the Quartermaine mansion to talk to Michael, trying to tell him that he’s out of the business and, thus, Avery is safe with him. Michael doesn’t buy it and tells Sonny to leave.

Will Liz figure out what Nik and Helena were talking about? Will Jake make it through the surgery? Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see just what happens next in Port Charles.

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