Scary Plane Landings: Martin Bogdan Video Goes Viral [Video]

H. Scott English

Videographer Martin Bogdan took a day and filmed crazy landings at Dusseldorf Airport during a heavy wind storm. He had no idea it would go viral all over the web. These are some of the scariest landings I have ever seen.

Statistically the most dangerous time in a flight is the takeoff and landings, which is the main reason why airlines make you turn off your cellphone. The video shows how the pilots have to turn the plane to really crazy angles in order to compensate for the 55 knot winds that day.

The skills that these pilots have is completely mind blowing. There are some landing where the pilots appear to be landing sideways. It isn't just one airline either. United Arab Emirates Air to Continental these pilots seems to really have it together.

After watching this video you are really going to try tof ind out wind conditions at your destination before landing there.

Check out the video here.