Jon Stewart Attacks WWE's Seth Rollins After 'Daily Show' Rip, Promises 'World Of Hurt' [Video]

Jon Stewart offered a perfect rebuttal to WWE star Seth Rollins' attack on The Daily Show on Thursday with his own vicious take-down.

As you'd expect, Stewart's comments were anchored with self-deprecation, but they also proved that the iconic television host is a bona-fide fan of WWE.

The entire incident began after Rollins made several comments regarding just how "untouchable" he had become following his recent Money In The Bank victory.

Rollins declared on Monday night's edition of WWE Raw that, if he wanted to, he could become President of the United States of America, before he then added, "Or I could take over as host of The Daily Show from Jon Stewart, and make that thing actually watchable."

However, Seth Rollins messed with the wrong guy, and Jon Stewart was quick to offer a rebuttal to the WWE star's remarks. Uploading a daunting video that promised a "world of pain" would soon rain down on Rollins.

Stewart started off his remarks by erupting, "Seth Rollins, you've made a lot of mistakes in your life. Being a turncoat for your brothers on the shield, being a toady for the authority. Not being able to choose which color your hair should be."

After outlining these points, Stewart then insisted that coming after The Daily Show "is the biggest mistake [Rollins has] ever made."

In fact, Stewart declared that these comments meant that Rollins had "just stepped into a world of hurt." The comedian noted that even Rollins' "buddies over at J&J security won't be able to save him" from the abuse that's coming his way.

Stewart went on to describe himself as "160 pounds of dynamite" and explained that he was now gunning for the 217-pound, muscularly framed grappler.

However, Stewart also took this opportunity to get some excuses in, just in case he ended up going toe-to-toe with Rollins and his "160 pounds of dynamite" wasn't up to the task of destroying him.

The Rosewater filmmaker, who is stepping down as the host of The Daily Show later this year, noted, "My bone density is not what it used to be," before he then compared himself to wood.

This isn't the first time that Stewart has discussed the latest goings-on over at WWE. Back in April, he registered his disgust at the fact that The Undertaker's streak had come to an end at WrestleMania XXX, where he was defeated by Brock Lesnar.

You can watch Stewart vent his frustration at this outcome below.

[Image via Zap 2 It]