What Beyoncé Has To Say About These Leaked Photos? Likely Absolutely Nothing

The BeyHive went ballistic over the past 24 hours after a series of unretouched photos of superstar Beyoncé were leaked and went viral. What’s interesting about this whole circumstance is how it pits Bey fans against Bey fans, seeing as the L’Oreal campaign photos were actually leaked by a website that was created and is run by a group of fans called The Beyonce World. As Daily Mail notes, the anger from the BeyHive stems from the photos in which Beyoncé has noticeable pimples along her jawline with “many claiming they are not real.”

Unretouched Beyonce pics were released showing noticeable imperfections on the singer's skin; image via CBC News

Although the queen has yet to speak on the issue herself, the naturally-stunning singer is known for strutting out in public with baby Blue Ivy, sporting a ball cap and denim cut-offs on the regular, while appearing to be totally makeup-free. She’s an advocate of beauty being all shapes, sizes, and skin color, and makes known that she herself sees natural as beautiful.

Beyonce’s hit “Flawless” is a testament to this. The term “flawless” is meant as a representation of accepting and being proud of what you’ve got, no matter what is actually considered to be perfect in the view of onlookers. As Nicki Minaj, who guested on the track, relayed to BET, the song is “an ode to self-celebration of all kinds.”

So why is it so enraging to these fans that Beyoncé has a bit of an uneven complexion? She’s still owning it and rocking it and looks as stunning as always. The outrage that fans are assuming Beyoncé has in regards to the leaked photos is most likely simply that — assumption.

However, it is difficult for many to believe that such a pillar of seeming perfection could ever be anything other than that. Bustle Magazine touches on this, stating,”Beyoncé is notoriously seen as the ultimate symbol of perfection in every facet — beauty, style, talent, and the list goes on.”

The publication attempts to remind fans of reality.

“Of course Bey is no way near ‘old,’ but of course her skin is going to look different at 33 than it did at 21 — that’s nature, people. Believe it or not, celebrities, even Queen Bey herself, are real, live humans and their so-called imperfections should be celebrated, not shamed, because they are completely natural.”

Fans are eagerly awaiting comment from Beyoncé on the matter, and it’s likely that no comment will come that involves any anger or annoyance about the leaked 2013 photos, seeing as the superstar mama’s true message for all women is to love what it is you’ve got. Anything other than continuing to preach this message would simply be contradictory. And let’s face it, pimples or not, the woman is still “flawless.”

[Feature image via MTV]