Disturbing Details On ‘Mommy Blogger’ Lacey Spears Emerge During Murder Trial

Disturbing details surrounding the murder of 5-year-old Garnett Spears are emerging as his mother, so-called “Mommy Blogger” Lacey Spears, is on trial for his death.

As previously reported by the Inquistr, Lacey Spears was arrested after her son died because of extremely high levels of sodium in his system. The high levels of sodium caused seizures and swelling in the child’s brain, which ultimately led to his death. Officials believe that it was Lacey Spears who introduced the high levels of sodium into her own son’s body through the use of his feeding tube. Many believe that Spears, who frequently chronicled her son’s health issues and hospitalizations over social media, earning her the title “Mommy Blogger,” did so out of a need for attention.

All of that is disturbing enough, but as the trial for the murder of Garnett Spears begins, even more chilling details about the psyche and behavior of Lacey Spears are emerging.

Earlier this week, a friend of Spears testified that Spears did not shed a tear during her son’s final — and manufactured — illness. As the child lay in his hospital bed unresponsive, Spears seemed a little withdrawn, but remained dry-eyed.

And even during a time when her child was “flailing all over the bed” in the throes of illness, Spears’ eyes remained dry.

“I did not see her cry,” Spears’ friend testified.

Five days beforehand, the friend testified, Garnett Spears was “healthy and happy” and “jumping off the bed, running around the floor” at Nyack Hospital.

Garnett was transported from Nyack Hospital to Westchester Medical Center after doctors found large amounts of sodium in his system. He was pronounced dead on January 23, 2014 from high levels of sodium.

In another disturbing detail, Dr. Sarika Sunko, a pediatrician who treated the child, testified on Tuesday that when told that the child’s bloodwork showed a surging level of sodium, Spears “just had a smile on her face.”

Police also testified that the day before the child was taken off of life support, an open container of sea salt was found in Spears’ apartment. Eight days later, police also found an open container of Himalayan salt, along with two more unopened containers of salt. The defense attorney for Spears questioned the reliability of the salt found in the second search, however.

Prosecutors also allege that Lacey Spears called a friend while her son was in the hospital, asking her to get rid of her son’s feeding bags — presumably because it was contaminated with salt.

“After she poisoned him and this little boy lay dying in the hospital … what does she do? She’s not by his side. She’s not comforting her son … this mother, this innocent mother, is on the phone, calling her friend to cover up the crime,” Assistant District Attorney Doreen Lloyd said.

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