‘Terminator: Genisys’ Gets Script Reviewed, Receives Praise

At this point in time, Terminator: Genisys has a lot going against it. Coming off of two bad sequels and a lackluster Super Bowl trailer, excitement for the Terminator franchise is at something of a low point. In fact, if there was a list of “top film franchises that fans want to see sequels to,” Terminator would likely not even be on it. Between the four films and television series, the whole timeline has become convoluted and beaten around. All that being said, director Alan Taylor (Thor: The Dark World) and his team are doing everything they can to ensure that this is a Terminator experience worth having.

Will Terminator: Genisys bring credibility back to the franchise?

As any good filmmaker knows, the first line of offense in making a solid flick is a good script. But we have no way of knowing if the Terminator: Genisys script is even good yet, do we? Well the folks over at The Arnold Fans claim to have received two (allegedly) legit script reviews of Terminator: Genisys from a “Greg” and “Jay”via MovieWeb. How these reviewers came into possession of the scripts is unclear at this time (one of them mentioned being “offered the chance,” so it seems to be through legal means), but they’ve had surprisingly positive things to say about the film.

“If you go into this movie with a open mind and willing to accept some changes, this should be an action-packed thrill ride that rivals any recent summer blockbuster. Because this script gave Alan Taylor and the cast with a lot of really good material to work with here…. I get the vibe that fans have been disappointed with Arnold’s involvement in action sequences since his comeback. Well, that changes with Terminator: Genisys.”

That’s pretty good for an initial impression. But in a second review, things are equally–if not more–positive than the first.

“I cannot express enough how the atmosphere I felt in the script wasn’t present in the 2 minutes of footage that we’ve been shown! I think they have tackled it wrongly by aiming mostly at the new crowd with the trailer and Super Bowl spot, making it look as if it’s a big bright Marvel type movie but it definitely didn’t read like that…. I could see every scene playing out in my head and I feel anyone who liked the first two installments will find enjoyment in [Terminator:] Genisys.”

Terminator: Genisys cast
The main cast in Terminator: Genisys.

Though despite this reviewer’s enthusiasm, it is worth noting that this is the first script they have read, and their mixing up of some of the filmmaking terminology (like calling visual effects SFX –which is actually short for sound effects), doesn’t lend itself to the most credibility.

But regardless, if these scripts are indeed legitimate, then we may have another solid Terminator flick on our hands–which really is all kinds of awesome.

Do these script reviews give you any renewed hope about Terminator: Genisys’s potential quality? Let us know your thoughts below!