‘Deadpool’ Movie Cast: Morena Baccarin Snags Lead Role

The Deadpool movie cast has officially added another member, and it’s a big role. Morena Baccarin of Firefly, Gotham, and Homeland has been cast as the female lead.

The highly anticipated anti-hero movie from 20th Century Fox will apparently “repair” the damage caused by the critically slammed X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Fans may be skeptical about their decision to give Ryan Reynolds another chance at the titular role, but if the test footage was an indication of what to expect, he’ll do fine.

The problem with the test footage was that it was filmed around the same time as the movie that took a proverbial dump on the Deadpool fan base. The character in the X-Men movie looked nothing like his comic book counterpart before or after the transformation.

Thankfully, the suit we saw in the test footage, and the mask that Ryan Reynolds teased on Twitter, looked a lot more familiar. If he stays in the mask, Reynolds might reaffirm his position in the Deadpool movie cast for previously disappointed fans.

It is unknown what role Homeland actress Morena Baccarin will play in the Deadpool movie, but fans of the character will probably be hoping for a few possibilities.

  • Domino (Neena Thurman) played a complicated role in the comics. After Cyclops refused to let Deadpool join the X-Men, he apparently changed his mind and sent Domino to invite him back. Unfortunately, Deadpool thought she was sent to kill him. Considering Wade Wilson’s luck with women, she was about as friendly as they got.
  • Copycat (Vanessa Carlysle) was Wade Wilson’s ex-girlfriend in the comics. As deranged as he is, there is no doubt why the two got along. Able to change her appearance to look like anyone, Copycat apparently developed a personality disorder to match that ability.
  • Siryn (Theresa Rourke Cassidy) is the daughter of Banshee, and one of the few heroes who genuinely liked Wade Wilson.
  • Black Widow (Natasha Romanova) was also romantically linked to Deadpool, but it’s doubtful that Marvel Studios will let 20th Century Fox use her.

What role do you think Morena Baccarin will have as the female lead in the Deadpool movie cast?

[Photo by David Buchan / Getty Images]