WWE News: Another Update On Frustration Between NXT And WWE, NXT Stars Want Main Roster Time?

The NXT stars shined brightest last week during NXT Takeover: Rival, as the WWE’s developmental system put on another 5-star pay-per-view. Finn Balor and Adrian Neville tore the house down with the No. 1 contender’s match. Bayley, Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch helped bring relevance back to women’s wrestling. Kevin Owens took Sami Zayn to the limit in a breath-taking story in the ring.

However, shrouding the greatness of NXT is a group of wrestlers on the main roster that are jealous and frustrated at the WWE developmental system. Unfortunately, the frustration is a two-way street in the WWE. While the WWE main roster wants more time in the ring, it appears that NXT wants something more as well.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, NXT wrestlers are frustrated at the shortage of WWE main roster opportunities.

“NXT wrestlers are frustrated that they aren’t getting a chance on the main WWE roster. Part of the frustration is that the main roster is where the good money is at.”

While the NXT stars are able to put on excellent 20-minute matches, they aren’t getting paid for the quality of matches. WWE main roster wrestlers are getting paid good money, but that good money is going towards a bigger audience and 3-minute bouts in the ring. It’s an unsettling dynamic that has the potential to lead to trouble.

NXT wrestlers haven’t been public about their frustration, but one WWE star did hint at backstage resentment. Brie Bella, one-half of the Bella Twins, was at the Indianapolis Comic-Con and talked about the differences between WWE and NXT.

“I was saying that. If I was in NXT I would not wanna come up to the main roster because you get so much time down there. If you come to the live events you’ll see we get a lot of time at the live events. When it comes to TV we get so frustrated because it’s hard to tell a story in 3 minutes and especially when they want an entrance. We want time to wrestle. Especially after watching NXT Rival pay-per-view and seeing them go 20 minutes, it’s like a dream. It’s something we’d love and we’re trying so hard to get more time. There’s a three hour Raw and you can’t give more time to the Divas? But, hopefully in the future.”

Along with Triple H, it doesn’t seem that many WWE superstars are a fan of the three-hour format. Logic would tell the average WWE fan that longer time on a show would give the superstars longer time to work. Unfortunately, the pieces will fall where they fall, and that’s according to the WWE officials if they do.

One man that might sense that frustration is Finn Balor. He’s 34 years old and the farthest thing from a rookie. However, the time he is getting on NXT is very special, because 20-minute spectacles just won’t occur every week on Monday Night Raw. He won’t be stuck in NXT forever, but the potential for agitation is understandable.

How should WWE handle all of the bad vibes in their locker rooms? Perhaps an invasion angle is best-suited for this coming-Summer. That would give the chance to main event the main roster, while at the same time, give back to the main roster and let them shine as well. NXT is certainly ready for that storyline, so why not pursue it?

[Image via Cageside Seats]