Kate Middleton’s Sister Pippa Offered $150,000 To Become A Stripper

Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa Middleton, has reportedly been offered a tidy $150,000 by porn baron Larry Flynt to become a “Hustler Honey,” in other words, a stripper, at one of his adult clubs.

A letter posted this week on the Hustler Club UK website, based in South London, offered Pippa the position, adding that she could be exempt from on-stage performances and could instead “entertain” her guests in the club’s VIP rooms.

The invitation to Pippa Middleton for the position tells all.

“We at Larry Flynt’s world famous Hustler Club cordially invite you to become an honorary member of the Hustler Honeys. If this should become a reality, I hope very much that you would accept our offer of £100,000 in addition to the gratuities afforded to our top-tier entertainers.”

Larry Flynt and company apparently think that Kate Middleton’s sister has great qualities such as, “strength, bravery and exceptional beauty,” and as such, makes her the perfect candidate for the role.

The letter, penned by club exec Lily Carousel, says the role is an “opportunity to have a little fun” and that Pippa would be the “most exceptional Hustler Honey to date.”

In attempting to entice Pippa Middleton, the letter states that Pippa would be able to focus solely on entertaining guests in luxurious private VIP rooms. It continues,

“Your experience in the event planning industry is an asset that would ensure your comfort in entertaining in your new environment whilst our ever-exciting parties would surely benefit from the flair of a professional party planner. Nothing would give us greater pleasure than if you were to accept.”

While it’s more or less a foregone conclusion that Kate Middleton’s sister won’t so much as entertaimn the idea of becoming a Hustler Honey, one staunch royalist MP, Andrew Rosindell, blasted the club for posting the invitation.

“It’s a free country and she can choose to do what she wants to do but I’m sure she wouldn’t accept such an invitation. That would not look good for the royal family. Anyone close to the royal family should be above that kind of thing. I think it’s pretty gutter stuff really. It’s disrespectful and is the sort of thing that would turn most people off his clubs.”