NFL Trade Rumors: Sam Bradford Wants Out Of St. Louis, Could Wind Up In Buffalo

The NFL trade rumors regarding Sam Bradford are kicking into high gear after the quarterback reportedly received permission to seek a trade, but the St. Louis Rams may have other plans for him.

After Bradford went down with a season ending injury this year — the latest major injury for the former No. 1 pick — many assumed that his time in St. Louis was coming to an end. That was bolstered this week when Bradford reportedly sought permission to seek potential trade partners.

But even though Sam Bradford is free to seek out a trade, it’s not clear if the Rams would be willing to part with him.

This week, Rams general manager Les Snead told CBS Sports that he hoped Bradford and the Rams could work out a deal.

“Contract wise, we’ll deal with him and his agents on that. I think it’ll work out,” Snead said. “We want a healthy Sam Bradford. It’s great to talk about. I like to look at the part where if he’s good for some team he’s good for us.”

Snead was also quick to stand by Sam Bradford, who has earned a label of injury prone.

“We just need to … insure the position,” Snead said. “Have options in case we get the worst of the luck. I go back to Phil Simms career. He spent seven years banged up, Year 8 he wins the Super Bowl.”

Part of Snead’s stance comes down to simple realism. In the NFL, quarterbacks are a very limited commodity, and teams aren’t willing to part with any that are capable of starting.

“He’s good enough to be a starting quarterback in this league [that] you’re not going to be looking to replace,” Snead said. Others think that Bradford will end up back with the Rams.

But even with the St. Louis Rams committing to Sam Bradford, the trade rumors are still continuing to churn. There have been several teams that would seem logical trade partners, including the Buffalo Bills, who are looking for a veteran to compete with E.J. Manuel for the starting quarterback spot.