Tammy Meyers: Las Vegas Mom Killed In Road Rage Incident Went Looking For Suspect With Her Armed Son

Tammy Meyers was shot and killed in a road rage incident last week, but police now say the incident didn’t go down exactly as the slain mother’s family first indicated.

Initial reports indicated that the suspect followed Meyers to her home after a confrontation, then shot her in the head as she got out of her car. Tammy’s 23-year-old son returned fire, possibly striking the car of suspects as it fled the scene.

But Las Vegas police now say that’s not how the incident went down. They now believe that Tammy and her son went looking for the suspect, but didn’t start the shootout that took Tammy’s life.

“There was a volley of rounds fired from that vehicle,” said Lt. Ray Steiber, head of the homicide section at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. “All indications… are that this unknown person had fired shots first.”

Tammy’s son said he was only acting in defense of himself and his mother.

“I did what I had to do to protect my family,” Brandon Meyers said. “And I’d do it for anyone I love.”

Family members say they are reeling from Tammy’s death, and friends set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for hospital and funeral expenses.

“Tammy was shot in the head and lost her battle with life this Valentines Day,” the page read, “a day her and her husband cherished every year for the last 25 years where he would always bring her red roses. Today, we watched as her husband Robert gave her the last red roses that she will ever receive.”

Police also said some of the details initially reported about the incident were apparently wrong. Instead of the suspects’ car striking the one driven by Tammy, police now believe the second car pulled in front and stopped short.

Someone then got out of the suspects’ car, prompting Meyers’ daughter to reach over and honk the horn.

“From the information that we had gathered at this point, we don’t believe that Ms. Meyers or her daughter ever said anything to the person or persons they were involved in the road rage incident with,” Steiber added.

“Meyers sped past the male… and she continued on her way,” he said. “Mrs. Meyers is scared, she’s upset.”

Police are now in the midst of a wide-ranging manhunt for the man they believe killed Tammy Meyers after the road rage incident.