Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 Tries To Kill Apple’s ‘Already Dying’ iPad Air

Samsung is about to release the Galaxy Tab S2. It’s the follow up to at least ten tablets from Samsung that have failed to attract consumer attention. Tech Times describes what is supposed to be an “iPad Air 2 killer.”

“Samsung is at the forefront of players trying to unseat Apple’s acclaimed portable computing device. Initial reports reveal Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 will hit the market featuring two display options, an 8.0-inch and a 9.7-inch, which wraps around the Tab S portfolio of 8.4-inch and the 10.5-inch variants.”

There is just one little secret that Samsung hasn’t learned before they launch the Galaxy Tab S2: The tablet industry is going downhill. Actually, it’s not quite a secret and several news outlets have discussed this over the past four months. TwinCities has described why the tablet is becoming dead weight.

“With many tablet proprietors finding the devices to be redundant lately, for a variety of reasons, it is no wonder this once-hyped flavor of computing device is having a bad year with lagging sales and diminished buzz. Experts see a number of reasons for waning tablet fervor, including competition from jumbo phones in the consumer space and from low-cost Google-based laptops called Chromebooks in the education sector.”

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 will compete with Microsoft’s upcoming tablet. Microsoft is a company that obviously understands what people want in a tablet — a hybrid device that is just as powerful as a laptop. The Galaxy Tab S2 runs Android, a mobile operating system that itself is becoming outdated. According Air Herald, a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is arriving very soon and will make tablets like the Galaxy Tab S2 irrelevant.

“The Surface Pro 4 may be coming out sooner than many people initially thought. While Microsoft has yet to say anything about the new device, they have given some indication that they are getting ready to release the device. Microsoft has been dropping the Surface Pro 3 line by $100 nearly across the board. Many people are wondering what Microsoft will do with the Surface Pro 4. The current rumors say that Microsoft will release two different form factors this time around.”

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 isn’t the only new tablet running a mobile operating system that will be released. Apple is scheduled to release the iPad Pro during the first half of 2015, and the device is said to include a digital stylus. Perhaps the Galaxy Tab S2 will be out of this world, but don’t expect consumers to flock to it unless that tablet is much different from the others.

[Photo Credit: Samsung]