Who Is Taylor Kinney? What Little Monsters Should Know About Lady Gaga’s Fiance

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga are officially engaged. The Inquisitr reported that the Chicago Fire actor proposed to the singer on Valentine’s Day. Gaga shared a photo of the $500,000 heart-shaped ring with the caption, “He gave me his heart on Valentine’s Day, and I said YES!” After Kinney proposed, Gaga’s Little Monsters have been wondering who’s the guy that won her heart.

Kinney, 33, played a paramedic on NBC’s short-lived series Trauma and a U.S. Navy SEAL in the Academy-Award nominated movie Zero Dark Thirty. He also appeared in Fashion House before he had a hit recurring role on CW’s The Vampire Diaries. He currently stars as Lt. Kelly Severide in NBC’s hit series Chicago Fire, according to People. Kinney told the magazine back in 2013 that firefighters are “likened to a modern-day hero. These people run into burning buildings and their job is to save people in peril, so there is that idea of a knight in shining armor.”

The actor was born in Pennsylvania. Taylor’s mother worked as a dental hygienist and his father was a banker, according to the New York Daily News. His parents divorced when was young, and his brother Ryan died in 2008. Taylor moved to Hawaii to work as a carpenter in his junior year of college, until acting brought him to Hollywood.

Kinney and Gaga met in 2011 on the set of her music video for “You and I.” The two started dating before making it official this past Valentine’s Day. Though Gaga has kept mum about her relationship, she was obviously in love with Kinney.

“He’s supportive of everything I do. He loves me from the inside out, and he is completely blind to the way that I dress, my creative process as it is – he knows me as the Italian-American girl my mother and father gave birth to.”

Taylor is aware of their creative differences. The actor also keeps mum about their relationship. During one of the rare times he talked about his relationship, Taylor said: “I’m reserved, she’s not. For whatever reason, it works. It works and that’s that.”

Kinney also isn’t afraid to show his heart on his sleeve. Gaga, 28, told the U.K.’s The Times about Kinney’s devotion.

“He’s the first man that I have dated that, when I sing onstage, he cries. That means more to me than anything.”

It’s obvious that Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga are very much in love and are supportive of each other. Little Monsters should feel good knowing that she finally found herself a good man.

[Image: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Samsung]