Will Smith On ‘Suicide Squad’ Movie Role: Why Hasn’t He Read The Script Yet?

Will Smith has a confession to make: He hasn’t read the Suicide Squad movie script yet. The “Fresh Prince” is set to play the Batman villain Deadshot in DC Comics’ upcoming bad guy ensemble film, but he claims he wants to know more about the motivation.

Smith mostly mentioned his other movie where he also plays alongside Margot Robbie, Focus, possibly as a way to explain preparing himself to play Gotham City’s infamous marksman.

The Deadshot actor allegedly believes director David Ayer may be playing it safe by giving each member of the Suicide Squad movie cast only enough for now to figure their character out.

“It’s really cool the way that David Ayer works is all images, all ideas. He holds [back] the screenplay and he just keeps giving you things about your character – he just wants you to be prepared for anything. He only sends you your character stuff so you don’t know what’s going on with the other characters. I think he wants it to come alive on set.”

Will Smith seems to compare his Suicide Squad movie character Deadshot with the character he plays in Focus, a con man who falls for the wrong woman.

“The issue with my character in Focus is that he is committed to lying. He is committed to wearing a mask and no one ever knowing who he is. … He protects himself.

I haven’t yet explored the psychology enough of Deadshot – somebody who can take money to kill people, how he justifies that for himself. But in my life in general and in my career, I’m pushing more towards those kinds of questions. I guess I like the concept of dubious morals. I always like to play in that area. What was interesting for me with Focus, now, is that in my life my journey is around vulnerability and authenticity. So to have a guy who has just decided to lie … it was really interesting to test the boundaries of how wide open and how authentic I can be in real life by exploring the other side of a character.”

It could be that Smith is avoiding mixing the roles together and coming across with the performance that nearly broke him in After Earth, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

After losing Tom Hardy and Jake Gyllenhaal, it may also be that Smith is waiting for David Ayer to simply “get it right,” according to Mirror.

Margot Robbie has also stated that everybody is nervous about the Suicide Squad movie.

“And it’s a big undertaking for the people who are going to play the characters who have been played, like the Joker [to be played by Jared Leto]. It’s big shoes to fill.”

Do you think Will Smith will make a workable Deadshot in the Suicide Squad movie in spite of not yet having read the script?

[Image via Comic Vine]