Vladimir Putin Used To Be A ‘Lazy, Drunken KGB Spy’ Who ‘Beat His Wife,’ Documentary Claims

A new documentary, entitled Putin the Man, claims that the President of Russia used to be a “lazy, drunken spy” when he worked for the KGB, who “used to beat his wife.”

Among other shocking revelations, the documentary also claims that the Russian strongman was also more than prepared to shoot unarmed protesters in East Germany during the peaceful revolution of 1989.

The German TV company, ZDF, which aired the enlightening documentary on Tuesday evening, used a mixture of Stasi secret police files, interviews with former KGB members, and western intelligence sources to build a picture of Putin.

According to the makers of the documentary, Putin has survived five assassination attempts in recent years resulting in his “leadership style with incredible delusions for control.”

One of Vladimir Putin’s superiors, during his time in Dresden between 1985 and 1990 talked about him.

“He was a desktop spy, a macho playing upon a safe stage. Mrs. H. remembers that on the birthday party of her father he grabbed her particularly fiercely, hugging and kissing her. His colleagues in the KGB spoke about his fondness for hard liquor.”


Other documents featured in the documentary show that when KGB officers asked Putin to defend their HQ with weapons using live ammunition and to fire on peaceful protesters if they approached the building, he was happy to do so.

Even though Putin said in the past that he worked like a galley slave for mother Russia, the new documentary suggests otherwise, portraying him as a man who liked to sleep late, eat breakfast then take a hot bath, followed by a cold bath.

One Kremlin insider said, “He regularly comes late to appointments. He even made the Queen of England wait for half an hour and his ministers often wait several hours.”

Biographer, Ben Judah said, “Putin is afraid of physical decay, he is afraid of ageing,” and reportedly underwent a facelift in 2010 in order to make himself look younger.”