Man Allegedly Murders Helpless Puppies Belonging To His Ex, Is Arrested [Video]

Man Arrested For Killing Puppies

A man was arrested last week for an alleged act of cruelty involving a litter of puppies which belonged to his ex-girlfriend.

Richey Kiffe of Terrebonne Parish, La. was taken into police custody on February 10 in connection with killing four baby Chihuahuas.

According to WNGO, Kiffe and his girlfriend Suzanna Guthrie had an altercation prior to the incident. In order to avoid an escalation, the 37-year-old woman avoided Richey by not coming home.

When Guthrie eventually did return to her residence, she was greeted by a gruesome sight. Allegedly, the body of her favorite Chihuahua puppy had been left on her doorstep by Kiffe.

Even more disturbing, the head was missing.

Rickey Kiffe was spotted leaving the horrific “greeting” by a neighbor named Jim.

“Cut the head off and just left it. Right there for her to see.”

Jim said that Rickey had drowned all of the puppies but went to the trouble of decapitating the puppy his then girlfriend loved the most in order to cause additional pain.

Apparently Jim was sheltering Suzanna during the time of the incident.

She only returned to the home she’d shared with Kiffe to collect her belongings.

“I finally went over to [the house] because I didn’t want to come start a mess. And he asks, ‘What do you want me to do with your stuff?’ I told him, ‘My name is on that lease; I’m not going nowhere, but could you pick up my dogs, please?’ And the next thing that comes out of his mouth is, ‘I can’t be responsible for what happens next.'”

After spotting her favorite puppy on the step, Guthrie said that she found the rest of the deceased animals in a plastic bag that had been shoved underneath her couch.

With the menacing threat followed up by the death of her puppies, there was nothing else to do but immediately involve the authorities.

When police spoke to Rickey Guthrie, he claimed that he was unconscious at the time of the event. He later admitted that he was drunk.

Jim observed that the horrible killing of four innocent puppies often echoes the patterns of animal cruelty seen early on by persons who later become serial killers.

“The head, it was clean cut, washed, everything. That’s what starts off serial killers.”

Rickey Kiffe was charged with four counts of aggravated cruelty to animals. He’s being held on a $50,000 bond.

[Image Credit: chuhuahueños]