WWE News: Triple H And Paul Heyman Interested In Signing Samoa Joe To WWE?

Samoa Joe WWE and TNA

The Inquisitr covered the departure of Samoa Joe yesterday and talked about the possibility of him signing with the WWE. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, but now it looks very possible. According to MetsFan4Ever on Reddit, Triple H is interested in signing the TNA original.

“Triple H has a good amount of interest in signing Samoa Joe to WWE, reports backstage insider MetsFan4Ever on Reddit. Triple H would want Joe on the NXT brand and there may already have been contact made.”

Triple H isn’t the only WWE figure interested in Samoa Joe. Paul Heyman, advocate for Brock Lesnar, took to Twitter and subtly expressed his feelings on his departure.

Samoa Joe leaving TNA will leave an imprint on Impact Wrestling for the foreseeable future. However, when one door closes, another opens. This is where the WWE may come into play. Many TNA stars are reacting to the news, kind of like a TNA legend just left the building.

This is a similar reaction to the departure of AJ Styles from TNA last year. He and Joe gave so much to TNA, especially since they were both originals in 2002. Joe had this demeanor in the ring that isn’t teachable. He perfected a craft that thousands try to do any given year. Overall, Joe made TNA relevant when the WWE were just coming off the Attitude Era.

Anyway, the WWE has a history of not being too keen on TNA stars. They weren’t even interested in AJ Styles, which many WWE fans weren’t happy about. There’s a chance that WWE won’t make that same mistake twice.

Triple H knows pure talent when he sees it, and Samoa Joe is the definition of talent. His matches in Ring of Honor with CM Punk are spectacles, as well as legendary matches. Joe defined what it was to be on the TNA brand and never left to greener pastures (WWE). An assumption can be made that Vince McMahon might not want Joe, because of his age and ties with TNA.

Luckily for WWE fans, Triple H is doing most of the signing these days. Come July, if Samoa Joe is in a WWE ring, don’t be surprised.

[Image via pwmania.com]