Green Lantern Corpse – Superhero Fan Is Propped Up In Costume For Funeral

Some fandom transcends life and death. Case in point, Renato Garcia was dressed in full Green Lantern regalia for his own wake. However, lying down in a coffin dressed as Green Lantern might seem strange, so Garcia’s dead body was propped up in the corner for all the attending guests of his wake to enjoy.


But was Renato Garcia really that big of a fan of the Green Lantern? That’s actually debatable. According to Garcia’s family, the 55 year-old South American man found the Green Lantern costume on a street in a box in the city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Garcia thought that the costume was pretty cool, and wore it often around his local town. When Renato Garcia died last week of a severe asthma attack, Garcia’s family thought it was appropriate that he be buried in his beloved Green Lantern costume. Apparently, they thought he’d also look better “standing up” at his own wake.


After Renato Garcia’s body was embalmed, he was dressed in the Green Lantern costume as per his sister’s (Milagros Garcia) instructions. His sister says that it was what her brother “would have wanted.”

As strange as being propped up in the corner at your own funeral in a Green Lantern costume might seem, it actually might not be that strange compared to some other odd funerals down through history.

Rapper Tupac Shakur was gunned down in Las Vegas in 1996. After dying in the hospital six days later, Shakur’s body was cremated. Here’s the strange part: members of Tupac’s former rap group, Outlaw Immortalz, mixed some of Tupac’s ashes with some marijuana and smoked their friend.

When Ghengis Khan died – from circumstances that have never been absolutely clear – his soldiers carried his corpse all the way back to Mongolia. As Khan didn’t want anyone to know where he was buried (he was worried that his enemies would desecrate his corpse), the soldiers carrying his body slaughtered everyone they came into contact with. Once the funeral was held, everyone that attended was killed. According to legend, the soldiers that were left then killed each other, so that no one would know where Khan’s final resting place actually was. (This, of course leads to the question, if everyone was killed, then how did the story pass down through history?)

After one of the brightest writers of the 20th Century, Hunter S. Thompson, committed suicide, his funeral was carried out by his good friend Johnny Depp according to the author’s wishes. A 150 foot tower was built resembling a fist clutching a peyote button. With such stars and celebrities as Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray, Sean Penn, John Kerry, and George McGovern in attendance, Thompson’s favorite songs were played to fireworks until a cannon on top of the fist blew Thompson’s ashes into the sky.

What do you think about the Green Lantern costume funeral? Do you have something similar planned for yourself when you depart the land of the living?

[Images via Imjur, & Geek Tyrant]