Holy Crap! Facebook and Twitter are Going to Give You Cancer!*

*If you believe everything you read

Facebook and Cancer

Using Facebook is going to kill you. Twitter, too. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.

A study from a British biology journal has seemingly spawned some pretty entertaining headlines, as the folks over at Techdirt discovered: “How using Facebook could raise your risk of cancer,” for example, or “Online networking ‘harms health.'”

The problem? The study itself, The Guardian points out, doesn’t actually say what the various news reports imply. It simply suggests that “couples” now spend less time together and more time alone — working, commuting, or using electronic devices. It then notes a 2007 study in which scientists found that people with higher levels of real-world social contact also tended to have greater physical health in some regards.

From that, though, we’ve surmised that Facebook will give you the cancers.

Geez…and here we thought all it was doing was trying to own your personal content.

A nice chuckle for a Friday.