Ferrari F1 Concept Car Revealed

The Ferrari F1, a concept car designed by the Italian car makers, is the company’s idea of making Formula One more interesting, and they have been turning heads and piquing the attention of Formula One fans.

Ferrari had a uniquely bold vision when it came to the redesign of the Formula One car, changing it almost completely to look like something no one has seen on the track before. While some believe it harkens back to the concept designs present in the mid-to-late 70s, others believe that the Ferrari F1 looks like something that you might find on an Indy Car track. There are many unique features of the Ferrari F1, though, including the two-tiered nose and nose wing, giving it a sleek, predatory look that gives it an aggressive feel, as well as the way the driver seems to be situated while driving the car, with the helmet almost flush to the body of the car.

Ferrari F1 Front

Ferrari F1 Rear

The company said they want the Ferrari F1 to both captivate the eye and be aggressive-looking in a statement that was released earlier today.

“Would it be possible to come up with an F1 car which not only is technologically advanced, but also captivating to the eye and aggressive-looking? And could this be made without having to overturn the current technical rules? At Ferrari, we believe so. Let us introduce you to the ‘concept design’ that was conceived by our design studio (Centro Stile Ferrari) together with the Scuderia’s aero department.

Minimal changes give the car a look that is way different from what have been familiar with so far. Our challenge was to create something that was – to put it short – better looking. We value your comments on that.”

The move for the company to debut the Ferrari F1 may be due to the fact that 2014 saw changes in Formula One that some were none too pleased with, including the controversial change to the vehicles nose design and move from V8 to V6 engines. Ratings fell in 2014, but Formula One are hoping to regain the ratings once more as the 2015 season kicks off next month in Australia. The same can be said for Ferrari: 2014 was terrible for them, its worst in 20 years. Formula E, however, still holds the interest of fans.

On the Ferrari F1 site that just launched, the company is asking for feedback about what fans think of the radical new design to the F1 car. It is unlikely that we will see the concept car that Ferrari has designed for the 2016 season, but there could be more changes on the horizon for the sport when regulation changes will come to a vote for 2016 and beyond. Could Ferrari’s F1 be the facelift that the sport needs?

[Images via Ferrari]

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