Jenelle Evans Custody Battle: Son Calls Barbara ‘Mom’

It looks like Jenelle Evans will be heading back to court next month. However, this next hearing has nothing to do with anything from Jenelle’s sordid past, but rather regarding the custody of her son, Jace.

For most of Jace’s life, he has been in the care of his grandmother, Barbara. By all accounts, Barbara has been a good care giver for the boy and has allowed Jenelle to play an active role in her son’s life. However, according to a new report from Radar Online, the relationship between Jenelle and Barbara is now strained and Jenelle hasn’t been able to see her son. Rather than sit idly by, though, the Teen Mom 2 star is reportedly ready to face off in court against her mom for custody of Jace.

“Barbara didn’t take her seriously, but then when Barbara finally got served last week, she got mad. When Jenelle asked last week why she couldn’t see Jace, Barbara said, ‘Well, you’re taking me to court, aren’t you? Alright then, you aren’t seeing Jace’ — then she hung up on Jenelle.”

According to the source, Barbara has reportedly cited Nathan Griffith’s drinking as a reason why she doesn’t want Jace around him. However, the source that is reportedly close to Jenelle Evans claims that since the couples return from vacation, they have only drank once.

Jenelle hasn’t spoken out about the custody claims, but she did recently take to Twitter to reveal that she was getting ready to “tell-all.” While some wondered if the Teen Mom 2 star was getting ready to write a book like some of her co-stars have done, it seems that she may have been hinting towards the custody battle against her mom.

Reportedly, Barbara has not let Jenelle see her son in a while. In fact, there was a time when Jenelle would spend a good deal of time with Jace. The source explained that Jenelle would often pick him up from school and that he would sleep over, but that she hasn’t been allowed to do that “in over a month.” Perhaps the final straw for Jenelle, though, was when she found out her son was calling Barbara “mom.”

“Barbara told Jace that he can call her ‘Mom.’ then Jenelle asked Jace if [it was true] and he said, ‘Yes.’ That made Jenelle furious.”

Jenelle Evans has been focusing on school and has also been posting a lot of photos of her son, Kaiser. Fans have noticed that she has not shared any photos with Jace in a while. If the source is correct and Barbara hasn’t allowed Jenelle to see him, then that may explain the lack of photos.

Interestingly, last July, Nathan Griffith expressed interest in wanting to adopt Jace. He spoke to OK! Magazine (via The Ashley) about his intent.

“I want custody of Jace. He listens to me and I’m a good role model for him. [Barbara] just yells at him. I look at him as one of my kids so I want him in a more structured and understanding home.”

Things between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have been rocky over the past few months. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, they have been dealing with on and off break-ups for quite some time. It will be interesting to see how the custody plays out for the Teen Mom 2 star.

[Image via Twitter]