Bulldog Missing Two Years Found: Couple Excited To Be Reunited With Lost Dog [Video]

A Bulldog missing for over two years has been found, much to the owners’ joy. A Long Island couple lost their beloved Bulldog, Bella, in 2012. Robert Vitiello tells WABC-TV that it’s “like a miracle.”

Vitiello believes their dog was stolen. Somehow, she made her way back into their lives after being away so long. Vitiello says “she never forgot” them. He describes the amazing feeling he had when he was reunited with his Bulldog after two years.

“As soon as she saw me, it was the best feeling. She came out all bull-doggish, and she started licking me and kissing me with her big tongue of hers.”

Bella was found by someone who saw her wandering around an area in Lindenhurst Friday night. The Bulldog’s rescuer took her to Veterinary Medical Center of Long Island and scanned her for a microchip, which had Vitiello’s contact information on it.

“When I got that phone call, and they said this is the vet, they said we found your dog Bella,” Vitriello said. “I lost my breath. I was like what, who? I’m like, I’m Bella’s father.”

Veterinary officials think someone had been caring for the missing Bulldog over the two-year period before she was found.

Veterinary Medical Center’s Erika Friedrich observed that Bella appeared “well socialized” and had been “taken care of quite well. She had good body condition. So someone had been caring for her.”

Unfortunately, Vitiello is still searching for another dog that’s lost — Cesear. He thinks the same person who snatched Bella out of their backyard is the one who also took Cesear. He explains that he wants “no problems” and won’t press charges if someone just returns the other dog to them so their family can be complete.

Vitiello wonders what Bella’s life has been like the past two years before being found. His girlfriend, Heather Wahl, wishes Bella “could talk.”

A similar story just took place in Oakland, California when a dog missing three years was found in January. ABC 7 News reports that a purebred Shiba Inu went missing in 2012 after she was last seen in her owner’s backyard. A veterinarian was able to scan a microchip in the dog and contacted the owners. She wasn’t in as good of shape as Bella was, however. A lot of her fur was gone and she was itching. It’s believed that she, too, was stolen like the missing Bulldog of two years that was finally found.

[Photo Credit: WABC-TV video screenshot]