Flowers From The Grave: Husband Sends Valentine’s Flowers To Wife After His Death

A husband made arrangements to send flowers to his wife for Valentine’s Day after his death, so she would never go without them.

This is one of the most romantic things you will read about all day and it will make you believe in love again. This husband, wanted to lessen his wife’s pain if only a little, by arranging for flowers to be delivered to her on Valentine’s Day, as has been his custom for many years.

For Casper, Wyoming resident Shelly Golay, this was the first Valentine’s Day without her husband, Jim, who last February was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Golay explains he was dealing with a devastating diagnosis, but still found time to do this for her.

While a lot of husbands send flowers to their wives on Valentine’s day, not many expect the tradition to continue after their husband has passed away. However, Jim Golay wanted his wife to receive flowers for the rest of her life, but his time was limited.

According to the flower shop staff member, Jim called and then visited the shop to arrange for Shelly to receive an assortment of her favorite roses every Valentine’s Day until her own death. Keeping to their side of the deal, the store delivered the flowers two days ahead of Valentine’s.

At first Shelly thought that the beautiful roses were from her children who knew how difficult this day would be for her, but when she opened the card, she was in for a big surprise. Shelly was speechless to find the message was not from her kids, but from Jim.

Shelly and Jim Golay (Image via Facebook)

“Happy Valentine’s Day Honey, stay strong. Yours forever, Jim,” the heartfelt note read.

After the shock wore off, Shelly called the florist and found out of Jim’s arrangement to deliver Valentine’s Day flowers to her even after his death.

“She called the other day, we all almost started bawling. It was really touching to see and hear the story of what he had done for her.” the florist employee said.

For Shelly, this is one Valentine’s Day she will always remember because of what her husband did to show her how much he loved her.

“It was true love and you don’t find that very often, you know. The fairytale romance, the knight in shinning armor, you just don’t find that.” Shelly says “And even though we didn’t get our fairytale ending, it was amazing.”

[Image via Facebook]