Jade Roper Reveals Sweet Card From Chris Soules — Were Playboy Photos Really A Deal Breaker?

Bachelor star Jade Roper quickly became one of Chris Soules’ top picks this season. She was the only girl chosen to visit his hometown of Arlington, Iowa, and was picked as one of his final four for hometown dates. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that Jade’s Playboy photos were a deal breaker for Chris, but a touching postcard Jade shared online clearly indicates that she was a top contender to become the farmer’s wife.

On Monday, Jade shared a postcard on Instagram that was written by Chris while the girls were in Deadwood, South Dakota.

“They didn’t air this last night, but in Deadwood, Chris surprised me by writing a postcard with me to send to my mom. He knew I was homesick and was so thoughtful. #thesweetest #thebachelor”

The card was addressed to Jade’s mother and included a sweet message about their upcoming hometown trip, including a telling, “I can’t wait to meet you!” — a clear indication that Chris was really excited to get to know Jade’s family.

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During Monday night’s hometown dates, ABC’s preview video (below) reveals that Jade talks to Chris about her Playboy photo shoot, part of her past that she seems to regret. When she offers to show him the photos (19 seconds into the video), his reaction clearly indicates disappointment.

Apparently Chris wasn’t on board with having a wife who has nude photos online, but there is no doubt that he probably had mixed emotions about sending her home. In the video below, taken by one of blogger Reality Steve’s fans just minutes after the hometown dates rose ceremony, Chris appears to comfort her before she is taken away in a limo.

When the pictures were taken, Jade told Playboy (link NSFW), “Playboy is the essence of female beauty. I’ve always wanted to be a part of it.” Unfortunately, her appearance on the Bachelor has exposed her to some criticism online.

While it looks like it lost her a future with Chris, she clearly has a lot of support from her fans, including Nick Viall, the runner-up from Andi Dorfman’s season of the Bachelorette.

Do you think Chris overreacted to Jade’s Playboy photos? Tune in to watch the Bachelor hometown dates episode at 8 p.m. ET on February 16.

[Image: Jade Elizabeth Roper/Instagram]