Sarah Palin Tells SNL Hecklers To ‘Get A Job’ [Video]

Sarah Palin good-naturedly fired back — rhetorically that is — at street hecklers outside the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary after-party in New York City early Monday morning.

Although the audio isn’t 100 percent clear on the TMZ footage (see embed below), at one point she tells an aggressive heckler to “get a job.”

Interacting perhaps with the same sidewalk critic on the other side of the rope line, she asked “Are you in show business? Then don’t be jealous.”

According to TMZ, Mama Grizzly won the war of words.

“Some of her critics were pretty stupid… using high school tactics like telling her she looked like crap. But Sarah had some pretty good comebacks.”

Based on the clip, Palin even has fans in the Big Apple who wanted selfies with her. Someone even asked to pose for a photo “because I have Obamacare expenses,” whatever that means.

Alluding to her skimpy dress, however, someone yelled at her to put some clothes, at which point she replied “I’m from Alaska.”

SNL invited the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP presidential candidate to appear in the big anniversary special that aired last night on NBC. She had a bit in the show with Jerry Seinfeld in which she stood up in the audience during a Q&A (see video below) and asked the comedian how much SNL boss Lorne Michael would pay her to run for president in 2016.

The SNL reunion show apparently was a ratings blockbuster for NBC as the network’s most-viewed prime-time show in more than a decade.

As far as that dress is concerned, a controversy of sorts seems to have developed on Twitter likely prompted by Palin haters as to whether the former (and perhaps future?) politician wore her daughter Bristol’s dress to the SNL event. Bristol apparently wore the same or a similar outfit to the 2011 White House Correspondents Association Dinner.

That being said, and irrespective of your opinion of Sarah Palin, how many 51-year-old women would even have a shot of fitting into a dress like that in the first place regardless of whose closet it came from?

On her Facebook page before the anniversary special Palin wrote that she was “excited to be back again spending time with the comedic geniuses who make SNL.”

When asked on the red carpet about Tina Fey’s famous impersonation, Palin suggested that the 30 Rock actress should consider sharing some of the wealth from riding the ex-gov’s coattails on SNL during the 2008 presidential election season.

“Well, have I helped her career or has she helped mine? I’m like come on Tina, you should be paying my kids’ braces or something. She’s so good, though. I really respect her and her work ethic and her capitalization, you know, on the opportunity… I think she’s great. I just talked to her again today and I brought her girls some Alaskan grown sweatshirts and hoodies. I really respect her.”

[Image via Twitter]