Beauty Tips From Joanna Angel And Friends Help Warm Up Your Look

Sometimes, Valentine’s Day feels like the last nice part of winter, and now there’s nothing left until the snow finally gives up and lets us enjoy the warm awakening of spring. Finding some new beauty tips can help to spice up your routine and brighten up your life. If you’re not in the mood to look like you just got nibbled by Christian Grey, Joanna Angel and some of other stars from the alt porn world met up with Refinery29 to offer some beauty tips to help us get through the rest of this cold, snowy winter.

Refinery29 talked to Joanna Angel, winner of the AVN (think Adult film Oscars) for best website and operator of Burning Angels for the past decade, author Kayla-Jane Danger, actress, director, and model Bonnie Rotten, and actress and singer Skin Diamond to find out what they do to look their best, on camera and off.

For any look, Danger’s first and foremost beauty tip is primer, any kind.

“Personally, I don’t even think I care what brand it is, just as long as there’s something there for the makeup to stick to.”

To take her look from day to night, she often adds setting spray, all over the place.

Diamond, meanwhile, is known for her smokey eyes — along with her multiple piercings and side-shaved hair style — and says that she goes simple to create it. First, black eyeliner (she likes a liquid one from Sephora), and then layers upon layers of MAC’s black eyeshadow.

“You have to have a lot of patience and just blend, blend, blend. Otherwise, you won’t make it smoke out evenly.”

Ever wondered how you can create an awesome look and carry enough product for touch-ups without hauling around a suitcase? The ladies offered an amazing tip.

“Our makeup artists give us these nice little palm-size to-go kits. Like, if you’re just going out for the night, put a little powder on a puff or a little lip gloss on a Q-tip. Then, put it in a little plastic bag and put it in your clutch.”

Complete genius.

Of course, there’s a lot more to beautiful skin than makeup. The ladies spoke about their routines for whole-skin cleansing, with general agreement that exfoliation is a must, and that there’s no such thing as too much moisturizing.

And then, something that might surprise those of us at home, is how the ladies deal with unwanted hair. For most in the adult industry, waxing isn’t an option because they would have to allow hair to grow out long enough to grab the wax, and that’s just not okay. So, shaving remains the most popular option.

Danger suggests, “There’s this product out in adult stores called Coochy Cream. It’s a shaving cream with aloe in it, and it really helps the razor bumps.”

What are your go-to beauty tips to survive the rest of winter?

[Image from PlayBuzz]