Oldest Woman Single: 115-Year-Old Woman Says Staying Single Helped Her Live Long Life

The oldest woman in Europe is single, and says that staying single throughout most of her life helped her live so long. According to the New York Daily News, Emma Morano of Italy is 115-years-old. She was married in the 1930’s, but the relationship ended in 1938, and Morano spent the rest of her life without a man by her side. She believes that not being “dominated” by anyone really kept her healthy.

Morano also says that she has eaten raw eggs for much of her life. She started eating two to three raw eggs a day in the 1910’s, and doctors said that this helped with her anemia. She is still consuming raw eggs today, and is continuously reaping the health benefits.

The oldest woman stayed single and ate 100,000 eggs over the course of her life. While many people are concerned with things like salmonella, there can be a lot of health benefits to chugging raw eggs, many of which outrun the risk. In Morano’s case, for instance, the raw eggs likely helped her live a long, healthy life.

As you can see in the video above, the woman still has a great sense of humor, and seems to be in good health.

According to UPI, Emma Morano is the fifth oldest person in the world. She said that longevity was a family thing, as she had one sister that lived to be 102 and another died at age 99.

Earlier this month, Australia’s oldest man made headlines. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Alfred Date is 109-years-old, and he has quite an interesting hobby: He knits sweaters for penguins! His creations are sent to a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rehabbing injured or sick penguins.

“When Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation requested knitters to donate their time and to make wool sweaters for little penguins to wear in the event of an oil spill in March of last year, the response was overwhelming and came from all over the world,”

Although Date is moving a bit slower these days, and has lost some movement in his hands, he is still at it. He also knits items for premature babies. Despite a few setbacks, Date says that he always wants his work to be perfect. He says that his age is what has slowed him down, but he doesn’t intend to stop knitting any time soon.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]