Girl Scout Cookies More Expensive This Year

If you want to treat yourself to some Girl Scout Cookies this year you’re going to have to pony up an extra 50 cents. The Girl Scouts have raised their cookie prices from $3.50 to $4.00.

Denise Eberspeaker, a spokesperson for the Chesapeake Council, said that Girl Scout Cookies have been $3.50 for 8-years but the scouts can no longer afford to keep their prices so low. Eberspeaker told the Delaware Online:

“We kept the price at $3.50 as long as we could. But gasoline prices going up and ingredients going up have made that no longer possible. Everybody that shops at a grocery store knows that the price of basically everything has gone up. The same thing is happening to us.”

The Girl Scouts website says that “each local council sets the price per box, based on its needs and knowledge of the local market,” so some people will still be able to get a box of thin mints for $3.50, while some people will have to pay more.

Girl Scout Cookie prices may be going up but the revenue is still going to a good cause. Here’s a video about what a cookie can do.

The Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th year this year and to celebrate they have released a new girl scout cookie, Savannah Smiles.

Do you buy Girl Scout Cookies? What’s your favorite cookie?