Bruce Jenner Age 5: He Knew Then He Was A Woman, ‘Never Been Female’ Around Children

Bruce Jenner knew at age 5 he was a woman, according to a new report just out by TMZ. The famous transgender Olympic gold medalist/reality television star is touted as one of the best male athletes in the world, but he’s always seen himself as a female.

Family members say even during the 1976 Olympics Jenner saw himself as a woman. This is something Jenner himself allegedly just opened up to family about. He was discreet and nobody else suspected he was battling these transgender issues underneath it all.

Those speaking with the celebrity news source reveal that Bruce has “never been female” around his children; he didn’t dress as a woman or give off any blatant clues that he felt uncomfortable being a man.

Bruce Jenner knowing since the age of 5 that he felt more like a female is a new revelation in his already headlining stories. In the midst of getting nonstop attention on rumors about a sex change, he was involved in an accident that killed one driver. The drama hasn’t ceased one bit. He’s also tired of his daughters talking about his transgender journey. As Inquisitr reported, he wants them to “shut up.” In spite of the support he’s receiving, he wants them to stop talking about it so he can tell his own story.

Sources claim that Jenner plans to reveal his female name when his rumored interview with Diane Sawyer emerges. In the same report by TMZ about Jenner knowing since the age of 5 he was meant to be a woman, it’s noted that he will NOT say what name he’s chosen.

According to Boston Herald, Jenner did reveal a name in his interview with the ABC News anchor. “He referred to her in the third person,” a source claims. The insider added that Bruce Jenner didn’t wear any “feminine makeup” for the interview.

A docu-series following Bruce’s sexual transition is expected to air around May after Keeping Up With The Kardashians is done airing on E! for the season. It’s unknown what the name of the show will be or how many episodes will air. He’s doing everything in his power to make things as smooth as possible, with one of the major goals having to do with him being in control. Ex-wife, Kris Jenner, posed a real concern for him as well as his contract with E! regarding the Kardashians’ reality show.

If Bruce Jenner knew at age 5 he wanted to be be a female, he’s lived a significant part of life keeping it a big secret from everyone.

[Photo by Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images for Cantor Fitzgerald]