Nikki Ferrell Shares Her Thoughts On Andi Dorfman’s Emotional ‘Bachelor’ Interview

Nikki Ferrell became very good friends with Andi Dorfman while filming The Bachelor, even though they were both gunning for Juan Pablo Galavis. Dorfman decided to leave the show behind after her controversial overnight date, but Nikki continued to see the experience through to the end. After the final episode, Ferrell fought to keep her relationship going, despite the long distance and Juan Pablo’s lack of emotion.

Throughout the last couple of months, Nikki Ferrell has been a big support for Andi Dorfman, especially after her public split with Josh Murray. Last night, Andi gave an emotional interview with Chris Harrison, where she opened up about what went wrong with Josh. And as a good friend, Ferrell was watching the interview in full support.

According to a new tweet, Bachelor star Nikki Ferrell is now revealing that it was emotional to watch her friend struggle throughout the interview, as she opened up about what went wrong with Murray. Even though the two split up shortly after appearing on the red carpet together, it sounds like trouble was not plaguing them at the time.

“Watching a friend’s heart break is practically having your own broken. I want to jump through this TV and hug you, Andi Dorfman,” Nikki Ferrell tweeted while watching the emotional interview.

Nikki may have been watching the interview from Kansas City, as Ferrell continues to work there.

“[There was] nothing official before that, obviously to make the decision to end the engagement doesn’t just happen overnight,” Andi revealed about the split, adding, “We had struggled for a while — we definitely did.”

She admits that nothing was really wrong when they appeared on the red carpet.

“We went to the premiere and I think it was hearing people ask about wedding dates,” she said, revealing, “We actually had to ask ourselves, ‘Why haven’t we been planning our wedding?'”

Maybe Andi had opened up to Nikki Ferrell about their relationship struggles, but as with every Bachelor couple, there is a period where you get used to life without the cameras, the fame and the attention. But she did reveal something interesting that may surprise viewers. She continues to care for Josh.

“I have to be realistic and say I’m heartbroken,” she admitted, saying, “I know this is honestly the biggest failure of my life so far, I understand that, I know that.”

According to the Inquisitr, it was just a few weeks ago that Murray accused Dorfman of logging into his social media accounts even though they had split. So, it is interesting that she is showing such emotion over the breakup. One can imagine that she has dished all of her feelings to Nikki Ferrell, who has been her rock through it all. Plus, Dorfman was there through Nikki’s split with Juan Pablo.

What do you think of Nikki Ferrell’s sweet message to her friend?

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