Unborn Baby Gives Parents ‘Thumbs Up’ From The Womb In 20-Week Ultrasound Scan

The ultrasound scan shows the healthy unborn male baby of a British couple Cheryl Stevenson, 32, and Paul Schofield, 31, from Tameside, Greater Manchester. The baby can be seen clearly giving a reassuring “thumbs up” to his parents in a routine scan at 20 weeks.

The unborn baby, probably realizing that the ultrasound was meant to check how well he was doing in his mom’s tummy, decided to put his parents’ minds at ease by giving the widely recognized hand gesture, a “thumbs up,” saying, “Hi, dad and mum, It’s warm and cozy in here.”

Manchester Evening News reports that the parents were amazed to see their unborn considerately giving a reassuring signal. The couple said they were thrown into fits of laughter when the nurse handed them the image showing the unborn signaling “thumbs up.”

The nurses at the Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester, who captured the reassuring ultrasound, expressed amazement, saying they had never seen an unborn give such a clear hand signal during a scan. The proud parents were delighted.

Paul, the proud father-to-be, said, “It brought a great deal of happiness to our day.”

They thanked the hospital staff for relaying the message from their unborn through the ultrasound. If the nurses had not captured the image at the right time, the parents would have missed the message intended for them.

Cheryl and Paul, who have been together for five years, have an 18-month-old son, Cameron.

According to the Daily Mail, Paul, a manager at a conservatory company, praised the painstaking efforts of the nurses.

“It was all so clear. The midwife spent 15 minutes with Cheryl and the scan was very comprehensive. They check for an awful lot of things and you get 360 degree images. He was moving back and forth a lot and when it came to the end of the scan, they asked us if we wanted to know the sex, which we did. Then they asked us if we wanted some pictures.

“He immediately curled up into a ball and put his face down and at first we couldn’t get a clear picture. But as soon as the midwife said she would have to wrap things up, his little hand came out and he gave us the thumbs up. We all burst into laughter.”

The expectant mother, Cheryl, said the baby kept moving during the scan and that giving a “thumbs up” reassured her that he was having fun.

“It was really surprising. People have asked me if it is real. It’s a prized memento and he must be having fun in there to be giving us the thumbs up.”

The fortunate couple also learned they were having a male child.

The introduction of ultrasound scan technology has afforded anxiously expectant parents an opportunity to a peep into the lives of their unborn babies, revealing that babies in the womb are wiser than previously realized to the ways of adults.

Only last year, an unborn child, Leo David Hargreaves, was caught on 4D ultrasound smiling.

Also last year, the unborn baby of proud parents John and Charlotte Steel, from Stockport, was captured in a moment of mirth, laughing, rocking back and forth in the womb, literally doing the ROFLMAO, as netizens would say.

The Telegraph reported in August 2014 about an unborn baby whom nurses nicknamed “Fetus Fonz” after giving “thumbs up” during an ultrasound. The baby’s proud father, Adam, shared the image on Reddit.

But he was not able to learn the sex of the baby at the time.

[Featured Image: Manchester Evening News]