Playstation 4 Exclusive ‘The Order: 1886’ Leaks In Full, Gameplay Rumors Close To Game Actual Length

The large early-2015 blockbuster exclusive for Sony’s Playstation 4 has been met with some fan ire, as rumors have circulated regarding The Order: 1886‘s actual game length.

The Playstation 4 exclusive is set to hit shelves on February 20, but the game has been the target of “clickbait” rumors regarding the overall length of the game’s story. Ready At Dawn, The Order’s developers, have been dealing with these rumors all day. As Attack of the Fanboy reports, the Playstation 4 devs have come to the point where they won’t comment on the rumors any longer:


According to the reports, the rumors stemmed from NeoGaf stating that Sony’s Playstation exclusive was all of five hours long. Some rumors put The Order: 1886 at three hours. As it turns out, the former appears to have been pretty spot on.

Leaked The Order on YouTube earlier this evening, user PlayThroughMe has posted a run-through of the entire Playstation 4 game on his channel across multiple videos. Totaled up, the gameplay clocks in around five hours long. The Playstation 4-captured gameplay shows The Order as a mix of quick-time events and third-person gunplay, though the developer is spinning the QTEs as “interactive cut-scenes.”

The Playstation 4 exclusive has been rife with criticism regarding how the game is being marketed as well. One reason that gameplay has come under scrutiny leading up to The Order’s launch is due to all of the advertisements praising the cinematic feel and visuals, yet making no mention on how the video game actually handles. Gamerant questions this, asking “how much of The Order is a game, and how much is a glorified movie?”

In an interview with Gamespot, creative director Ru Weerasuriya states the reason the PS4 title does this is in order to further immersion. By making the cut-scenes interactive, even with just one button, the idea is to keep the player glued to their Playstation 4. Keeping them engaged will immerse the player more into the steampunk-styled London Ready At Dawn has created.

As one of the best looking titles on the Playstation 4 to date, this isn’t the first game in the lineup going for a cinematic experience. As reported by the Inquisitr, Uncharted 4 is seeking to create photo-realism with its presentation, pushing the power of the Playstation 4 to its limits.

The Order: 1886 attempts to eke every ounce of pixel-pushing power out of the Playstation 4, yet for PS4 fans’ sake, hopefully translating into a great five-hour experience. What do you think of The Order: 1886’s game length? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Gamespot]