Quba Islamic Institute Set Ablaze, Firefighter Posts: ‘Let It Burn … Block The Fire Hydrant!’

The Quba Islamic Institute of Houston was partially burned in a fire that authorities believe was deliberately set, according to a Feb. 14 report from the Daily Kos.

The blaze was reportedly set on Friday, and “local firefighters spent over an hour battling the blaze before extinguishing it, saving the institute’s school and mosque,” the site notes.

While authorities continue to investigate the fire, one particular social media post has Muslims up in arms. Apparently, Dustin Herron, a former Houston-area firefighter, now retired, isn’t a fan of the faith.

Someone on his Facebook page took a snapshot of what is being called an Islamophobic message in which he says the following.

“Let it burn… block the fire hydrant.”

The Daily Kos report points out that Dustin Herron still volunteers for Crystal Beach Fire and Rescue.

Many pro-Islam outlets covering the Quba Islamic Institute fire have seized on Dustin Herron’s comments and are using it as a rallying cry to call attention to Islamophobia, which has been partially blamed on the recent Chapel Hill shootings.

In that crime, which happened early last week, a self-professed atheist gunned down three popular Muslim students in North Carolina.

Reports have described the shooter’s motivation as a hate crime, even though initial reports and everything known so far about the case indicate it was over a parking space.

Herron’s comments on the Quba Islamic Institute fire are icing on the prejudicial cake, so to speak, as many have pointed out on Twitter.


What do you think about the comments that this ex-professional and now volunteer Houston-area firefighter had to say about the burning of the Quba Islamic Institute?

If it was made on his own Facebook page, should that be grounds for dismissal and disqualification from any future firefighting or public service jobs? Or is this protected as freedom of speech? Sound off in our comments section.