‘Kingsman’ Under Attack For [Spoiler]

Kingsman: The Secret Service takes a pretty bold step with its controversial ending.

Before getting any further into the spy film, turn away if you haven’t seen it yet, plan to, and don’t want the whole thing spoiled for you.

I’m serious. There is about to be some major spoiler stuff divulged in the next few words, and just so you don’t accidentally glimpse it, I’ll throw in a few more words.




Okay, I’m assuming everyone still here has either seen the film, or doesn’t care about spoilers for Kingsman, so I will now proceed. Get mad at this point, and it’s on you.

At the end of Matthew Vaughn’s film, the President of the United States, who HuffPo notes bears a striking resemblance to President Obama, is killed by super villain Samuel L. Jackson.

Vaughn attests that in spite of the similarities, the character in the film is not President Obama, but that he did need someone “Obama-like” in order to underscore the villain’s power.

“The White House and Obama-ish president — there’s no other symbol about a global power than the White House,” Vaughn said. “If I used 10 Downing Street, most people would go, ‘What’s that little black door? Where is that? Who is that?'”

Here’s how the scene goes down, according to HuffPo’s Christopher Rosen.

“Using his company’s cellular devices as conduits, Valentine sends out a subliminal signal that turns people into homicidal killers. Meanwhile, the chosen elite — the presidents, queens, prime ministers and celebrities who helped Valentine enact his plan — watch from the safety of their bunkers. A neck implant given to them by Valentine keeps the leaders free from harm and under his control: the embedded mechanism both blocks the signal and acts as a deterrent from trying to stop the global chaos. If activated, it explodes.

“What happens next isn’t the biggest surprise: Thanks to the smarts of the film’s lead character, Eggsy (Taron Egerton) — a new member of the film’s title group of spies — the implants are activated, killing scores of establishment rulers, including the President of the United States and other prominent dignitaries.”

Commenters were mixed on how the scene played out with some citing that the film had some unintended consequences that were offensive.

“It wasn’t the exploding heads that offended me. It was all the people in the theater who applauded specifically and ONLY when ‘the president’s’ head exploded that had me shaking my head.”

“Blowing Obama’s head off may be hilarious to most rednecks but the director name should be on the list of politicians, media and Hollywood elites who have made war the first option of choice by catering to the lowest element of mankind… such as presenting Chris Kyle as a hero for assassinating women and children.”

“Everyone knows it is implied that it is Obama — and if it’s one thing the right thinks it does well is implied insults”

Did you see The Kingsman? Did the exploding head offend you?