Bobbi Kristina Brown: Separating The Rumors From The Facts

Since Bobbi Kristina Brown was found unconscious in a bathtub, at her home in Roswell, Georgia on Jan. 31, there has been much speculation about her condition. Initially, she was taken to North Fulton Hospital, but later transferred to Emory University Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lack of authentic media updates has led to reports of her being on life support, brain dead, and more recently, of her organs shutting down. It is known that Nick Gordon, her boyfriend – formerly thought to be her husband – administered CPR while a friend called 911.

Many reports since the initial ones aren’t based on reputable news sources, creating anxiety for Bobbi Kristina’s supporters, fans of her mother, the late Whitney Houston, and more hurt for the Brown and Houston families.

To date, here’s what’s known and can be confirmed:

On Jan. 27, four days before she was found unresponsive, she was driving a Jeep with friend Danyela Da Silva Bradley, a passenger. Bobbi Kristina lost control of her Jeep and hit a Ford Taurus. Russell Eckerman, driver of the Taurus, was taken to North Fulton Hospital and remains in serious condition, unable to speak.

Bobby Brown, father of Bobbi Kristina, does not want or appreciate others making statements about his daughter’s condition. Brown has commented on Bobbi Kristina’s cousin, Jerod Brown (AKA Jerod Carter, AKA YF Kennedy), and says Jerod’s statements should be ignored. Brown further stated that Jerod is not in contact with the family and has no firsthand knowledge of Bobbi Kristina’s condition.

He must be disregarded. Please do not attend any ‘meet and greet’ organized by Jerod Brown as he is unable to provide access to Bobbi Kristina or information on her condition. This is a criminal investigation and we do not need this side show.

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant confirmed that the case has been handled as a criminal investigation from the beginning. Few details have been released, which is not unusual. As Brown indicated, when an investigation is underway, it has to run its course. When it is completed, facts–not rumors–will be announced.

Bobbi Kristina remains in a medically induced coma. Last week, sources close to the family said she opened her eyes briefly and suffered seizures. The extent of her illness is not known, nor is it known why she was placed in the coma. Family members present with the young woman they call “Krissi” haven’t released much information to the press.

Another fact is certain: Bobby Brown is in charge of his daughter’s medical care and is concerned about her well being.

It is also known that Bobbi Kristina’s family, on both the Houston and Brown sides, are praying and soliciting prayers for her recovery.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison, Getty Images.]