Pregnant Mom Nails Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ Dance Routine On Her Due Date [Video]

Pregnant mom Bonnie Northsea, 32, hoped to induce labor by performing the dance routine from the music video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on her due date. Wearing a blue sports bra and leggings, the Gainesville, Florida, mom gave a flawless and impressive performance at 40 weeks pregnant and posted the video on her Facebook page.

The pregnant mom has a three-year-old son. You can see what appears to be his Darth Vader chair next to the couch in the video. The expectant mom is said to be anxiously waiting for the birth of her second son. While some moms give birth past their due date, other moms give birth to early, sometimes as soon as six weeks early.

Northsea wrote on Facebook Wednesday someone suggested dancing to “Thriller” to jump start labor. Loving the video, she decided to do the dance and record it.

“Someone told me that ‘Thriller’ would induce labor. Here I am on my due date 40 weeks looking like a fool. I’m so awesome!”

While the pregnant mom might think she looked like “a fool,” the video she posted on Wednesday has gone viral on Facebook — it’s been viewed over a million times, shared more than 6,000 times, and received over 1,100 likes. After uploading the video to YouTube, it received another 130,000 views. A friend had suggested to her to walk around or dance to induce labor prompting the pregnant mom to make the video, Northsea revealed to Yahoo! Parenting.

“I’ve always loved ‘Thriller,’ but i haven’t done the dance in five years. I pulled up a YouTube instructional video, did the dance, and figured I’d record it. I thought it would be something cute to make my friends laugh on Facebook.

“It’s been a really hard month, but I did this video partly to take my mind off everything. It’s been so much fun.”

Her husband was diagnosed with cancer last month, and the positive reaction to her video has been a much needed distraction. The pregnant mom wrote on YouTube about the difficulties they’ve faced over the last month.

“My husband is fighting a battle with testicular cancer so it has been difficult emotionally recently. This video really helped as it caused me to laugh over and over again.”

Northsea is pregnant with a boy, who’s estimated to be over eight pounds. On the second day past her due date, she said her husband suggested she dance to “Thriller” again.

“I’m hoping I go into labor today but I don’t think it’s happening. My husband says I have to do more ‘Thriller’ dancing.”

As of Sunday, it doesn’t seem the pregnant mom has gone into labor yet, at least no news has been posted on Northsea’s Facebook page. With her enthusiastic performance of the “Thriller” choreography, it seems like this pregnant mom won’t have any problem delivering the new addition to her family when the moment arrives.

[Image via YouTube]