One Direction Tour Demands Include Teddy Bear, Tea, And Lunchables: Guess Which Singers? [Video]

What does it take to keep the One Direction boy band members singing and happy? From teddy bears to tea, the guys are sharing their deepest desires when it comes to tour riders, reported Bang Showbiz.

Although they sing in harmony, they don’t agree on the essentials of life. Harry Styles, for example, prefers “organic guacamole” when he’s touring. But none of the others, including Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson voiced any desire for avocado.

“I need tea. Tea is one for me,” revealed Louis.

And for those boring moments of downtime, Niall desired a game device, which Louis thought was a dandy idea during his teatime. While those band members are gaming, Liam desires movies.

On the too cute side, Zayn wants a teddy bear to accompany him on the group’s “On the Road Again” world tour.

However, Liam revealed that they haven’t created a proper rider, although they did make an attempt that resembled their school days.

“We did start the other day and what we did was, we went through back at school, what you’d have in your lunchbox, you’d get to school and your mam would have put something nice in your lunchbox. We’re talking Lunchables, Dairylea Dunkers. Pot Noodles are on there as well as Wotsits.”

Just what do the concert managers get by supplying the lads with all those Lunchables? A One Direction concert that features soaring streamers, exploding fireworks, and — oh yes — some scream-generating songs, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.

Song choices stem from the group’s four albums, with an emphasis on Midnight Memories. They also chat with the crowd, thanking them for their support.

One Direction also points out that they have succeeded for nearly a five-year run, beginning with the day when they were five guys competing on The X Factor who benefited from Simon Cowell’s Midas touch.

And Cowell told Rolling Stone that it was only a last-minute inspiration that brought the One Direction singers together.

“I met them as solo artists to begin with. Each of them individually had very good auditions. We had high hopes for two or three of them in particular, and then it all kind of fell apart at one of the latter stages. Interestingly, when they left, I had a bad feeling that maybe we shouldn’t have lost them and maybe there was something else we should do with them. And this is when the idea came about that we should see if they could work as a group. We invited these five guys back. They were the only five we cared about.”

Now that they are a success, Simon is quick to praise the group.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure from day one to work with these guys,” he declared.

And One Direction isn’t the only offspring from the media mogul. As the Inquisitr pointed out, Simon is also proud of Fifth Harmony and his new baby Eric. Which one gives him the most pride and pleasure? Cowell hasn’t revealed his favorite yet.

[Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images]