Walmart Head Butt Fight: Woman Has No Regrets Following Walmart Brawl

The Walmart head butt fight that happened a week ago is still making headlines this weekend. Video of the fight between a customer and an employee of the tax center inside a Deer Park Walmart went viral, and people are still talking about the shocking footage.

According to a WSET-TV report, Jessica Albitz was involved in a confrontation with Alice Keener on February 7. Albitz had visited the Walmart the previous day, and she did not like the service she received from Keener.

When she returned to the Walmart store to shop with her family the next day, words were exchanged, and those words soon led to a physical confrontation. Albitz head butted Keener, and this started a fight between the two women.

What words caused Albitz to head butt the Walmart employee? She revealed that when she first walked into the Walmart, she heard the woman mumble something as she walked past. From there, the two women exchanged words, and Keener made comments about the woman's husband. It is when the employee said something against the woman's mother that things escalated into violence.

Albitz did speak out about the incident, according to Click 2 Houston.

"I hope I broke her nose. I hope she has two black eyes, and I hope she remembers me for the rest of her life. She started talking trash at my husband. Her curtain was open about this far, and she mumbled under her breath some profound language. I turned around and said something back, and she got out her cubicle and chased me to the entrance. She spit in my face, calling my mother a (expletive). I'm sorry. I love my family and I'm going to take up for my people."

The incident has forced the Walmart store management to ban Albitz. She revealed to the media that she is no longer allowed to step foot inside that Walmart location.

Keener, the woman that Albitz head butted, did not initially press charges against the woman. However, that changed on February 11. The woman had to see a dentist following the brawl, and it was discovered that the head butt loosened two of her front teeth. Keener took documentation from her dentist to the police, and she pressed charges. The police planned to file charges and issue an arrest warrant for Albitz, according to KHOU.

Before the charges were filed, Albitz revealed to the media that she would accept any charges for the incident. In fact, she had not one regret for her actions. She told the media that she "would do it all over again and harder."

As for the Jackson Hewitt employee, Alice Keener, she has not spoken out about the incident at the Walmart store. Her employer revealed that Keener was put on administrative leave following the fight. Keener worked with the office for 15 years without any prior incidents. However, her employer is now investigating the incident further to see if she violated any city codes during the fight.

According to a previous report by the Inquisitr, Keener is heard speaking during the original video. She pointed the blame for the fight at the Walmart customer.

She said, "You better get her. You better get her. She coming in here messing with me I'm at work."

This Walmart incident has people shocked and heading to social media to share about the incident. Even with the incident happening a week ago, people are still talking about the Walmart head butt on Twitter today.

What do you think of this shocking Walmart head butt fight video? Have you ever witnessed a similar incident during your own shopping?

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