‘Gone Girl’ Star Rosamund Pike Did Some Crazy Research To Prep For Killer Role

Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike will go to great lengths to prepare for a role. Even when that entails playing a vicious, cutthroat murderer.

[Warning: Spoilers Ahead!]

In a recent interview with Collider, Pike talked about the crazy amount of research she did in order to pull off the realistic goring of co-star Neil Patrick Harris in one of the film’s most pivotal scenes.

“If you’re going to do something like that, you have to do it with a certain degree of accuracy,” Rosamund said.

So how exactly did Pike get to be so “accurate” you might ask? By practicing repeatedly on a butcher shop pig!

“I had no idea how much force you needed to slice someone’s throat. I actually went to a butcher and asked them if they wouldn’t mind me just using a box cutter on a pig carcass, just to understand what it would be like.”

The Gone Girl star continued, noting how insane she may have appeared to anyone browsing the shop that day. Despite the obvious, Pike insists it was purely for “research purposes.”

“They let me do it, so anyone buying meat that day would have seen me behind the counter, with serious intent, finding out the mechanics of doing that.”

Pike also shared the inherent fun of playing someone as twisted as Amy Dunne in Gone Girl.

“It’s great to stretch every muscle,” she said, “and get to make good on every insane thought you’ve ever had.”

As much fun as it was, however, Rosamund is in no hurry to see a Gone Girl sequel anytime soon. As reported by the Inquisitr, Pike wasn’t too forthcoming about a potential revival of her character.

“They probably could make 99 director’s cuts,” Pike told USA Today. “I don’t want to be drawn on that. I kind of just want to stay in the moment.”

Still, 21st Century Fox, the studio that produced the film, would be hard pressed not to want to cash in on the film’s success with a sequel. The New York Post is reporting that Gone Girl was one of the main reasons for a reported revenue and profit spike in the December quarter.

Meanwhile, the film also was a critical darling, with Pike grabbing an Oscar nod for her portrayal of Amy. The film also scored numerous nominations in the screenwriting category as well.

According to Variety, Gone Girl nabbed the top screenwriting prizes at the Final Draft Awards held Thursday night at the Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles. Alongside the critically acclaimed film Birdman, Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn won for Best Adapted Screenplay.