Anna Kendrick Needs Her Beauty Sleep

Anna Kendrick is not one of those annoying humans who have boundless energy. The Last Five Years and Voices star, both opening this weekend, told the Los Angeles Times sleepless nights quickly catch up with her and naps are out.

“I’m not one who can get by on six hours sleep night after night. You can see it on my face and hear it in my voice. When working 14-hour days, I have to go home, go to sleep and wake up in time for crew call. I hate naps. They throw me off the rest of the day.”

Despite the need for rest, Kendrick has trouble with relaxation. She told the Times she wants to try meditation but doubts she’ll succeed, since she can’t even stay quiet through a massage.

Kendrick is a prolific performer, with 11 movies set for release between this year and last. In an interview with the Toronto Star, she said she has to keep working even though she’s been in a number of recent films: Into the Woods, Cake, and the upcoming Pitch Perfect 2 among them.

“I guess I am making a lot of movies, huh? I had three films at Sundance, three films at TIFF. Maybe I should just start saying no to stuff. But it doesn’t feel like I’m doing too much, because every time I’m not working, I sit there and moan, ‘What am I doing with my life?'”

Her desire to work has been met with many rewards for Kendrick. She received a Tony nomination at age 12 and an Oscar nomination at age 24. Vox, in its review of The Last Five Years, praised her dramatic and singing abilities while lamenting she didn’t have better films in which to show them off.

Kendrick’s also known for her creative and engaging tweets, such the compliment she posted to Katy Perry during her Super Bowl halftime performance.

And her unique perspective during the Grammys.

Madonna’s performance is blowing my mind already and so far I can only see the stage hands.

— Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47) February 9, 2015

Directly behind Nicole Kidman dancing to “EvilWoman.” They should have sent a poet.

— Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47) February 9, 2015

On Monday, Kendrick took to Twitter to announce that she will have a special part in the upcoming Academy Awards broadcast on February 22.

Excited to announce @TheAcademy has invited me to be part of a special performance at the #Oscars on Feb. 22nd!

— Anna Kendrick (@AnnaKendrick47) February 9, 2015

It will be five years since Kendrick was nominated for her performance opposite George Clooney in Up in the Air. As for what role Kendrick will play on the Oscar broadcast, producers were coy, telling E! Online only that it will be an “only at the Oscars moment.”

[Anna Kendrick image: Getty]